Rediscovered 'lost' Queen song with Freddie Mercury to be released later this year

7 June 2022, 16:05

Queen. Picture: Getty

By Tom Eames

Queen have announced plans to release a forgotten "gem" recorded with Freddie Mercury later this year after a recent rediscovery.

Brian May and Roger Taylor confirmed that they had discovered the song featuring Freddie's vocals a while ago, but admitted that they "forgot about it".

Roger said: "Yes, we did find a little gem from Freddie, that we’d kind of forgotten about. And it was. It's wonderful. Actually, it was real discovery."

Since then, Queen's engineering team worked to restore the song.

Brian explained: "It was kind of hiding in plain sight. We looked at it many times and thought, oh no, we can't really rescue that."

Brian May performs Bohemian Rhapsody guitar solo on set

However, their "wonderful" team were able to "stitch bits together" to restore the song from the Miracle recording sessions.

According to Deadline, the song will be called 'Face It Alone'.

Roger confirmed that the song will be available in September, and that it was recorded during 1988 sessions for the band’s penultimate album with Freddie, The Miracle, which included the singles 'I Want It All' and 'Scandal'.

He added to the BBC that the song is a “very passionate piece.”

This would be the first new song featuring Freddie's vocals for nearly 10 years.

On 2014’s Queen Forever compilation, the band included three previously unheard tracks featuring Freddie, including 'Let Me in Your Heart Again', 'Love Kills' and 'There Must Be More to Life Than This'.

Queen’s final album with Freddie, Made in Heaven, was released in 1995, four years after his death.