Robbie Williams gives identical mohawk haircut to his son Charlie in cute video

3 August 2021, 12:55 | Updated: 3 August 2021, 17:03

Robbie Williams gives son Charlie gets identical mohawk haircut from Robbie
Robbie Williams gives son Charlie gets identical mohawk haircut from Robbie. Picture: Instagram: @aydafieldwilliams
Hannah Lovejoy

By Hannah Lovejoy

Robbie Williams shaved his son’s hair off at the weekend and the pair look nearly identical in a new video posted by Ayda Field.

Robbie has experimented with many looks over the years and he is currently sporting a Mohican hairstyle.

In a video posted on Ayda Field’s Instagram, Robbie can be seen giving his son Charlie a haircut that’s identical to his, Charlie requested the style so that he could look like his famous dad.

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Robbie’s wife Ayda said: "So what's happening, daddy?"

Son of Robbie Williams gets his head shaved to look just like his dad in Instagram clip

"Charlie wants a mohawk,” the Take That singer explained as he held the family clippers in his hand.

As Robbie started the haircut, Charlie was completely unbothered as he played a game on a phone, however, Ayda was apprehensive and asked Charlie if he was sure that he wanted the unique new hairstyle.

The video caption from Ayda reads: “Charlie wants to look just like daddy #likefatherlikeson #barbershop #dadlife AWxx @robbiewilliams.”

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Charlie’s hair video comes after Ayda made a similar post in June - she said that her husband was “all or nothing” when it comes to his hair and she was seen shaving off all of Robbie’s hair.

Ayda Field shaves off all of Robbie Williams' hair in Instagram clip

“@robbiewilliams Is all or nothing when it comes to his hair ...and apparently, it’s nothing now :) #nohairdontcare #instamood #thebaldandthebeautiful #who’snext? AWxx,” Ayda captioned the video.

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Last week, Ayda posted another video of Robbie and she deemed his newest look a “hair life crises”.

In the clip, Robbie explained that he’s “losing” his hair and also mentioned the reason why he decided to get a mohawk.

“I'm losing my hair, I'm thinning and I thought instead of fighting against it, I should lean into it,” Robbie said.