The night Stevie Wonder pulled a brilliant prank on Lionel Richie

12 May 2020, 16:47 | Updated: 14 May 2021, 15:41

Stevie Wonder played a fantastic practical joke on Lionel Ritchie
Stevie Wonder played a fantastic practical joke on Lionel Ritchie. Picture: Getty

By Giorgina Ramazzotti

As we celebrate Stevie Wonder's 70th birthday we reveal the brilliant joke the superstar once played on his friend Lionel Richie.

Lionel told the story on Jimmy Kimmel Live ahead of his performance with Stevie Wonder at British Summertime Festival on June 6 in 2019.

The 'Hello' singer, 70, said the prank happened when Stevie invited him to come and visit his home.

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“I go over to his house, and he says, ‘I got a record I want you to hear’,” Lionel recalls.

“[Stevie] pulls a cassette out… and he says, ‘Come go with me in the car.’

Lionel Richie on Getting Pranked by Stevie Wonder

The Art of Elysium presents Stevie Wonder's HEAVEN - Celebrating the 10th Anniversary - Inside
The Art of Elysium presents Stevie Wonder's HEAVEN - Celebrating the 10th Anniversary - Inside. Picture: Getty

Lionel remembers that the pair made their way out to Stevie's driveway.

"He goes to the car, and he goes on the driver’s side,” he says.

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“He puts the cassette in, he cranks the car up and then he put it in reverse and starts going down the driveway.

"I said ‘Stevie!’ and he goes ‘I got you.'”

Lionel Richie also revealed that the blind singer jokes "Good to see you," every time they meet up.

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Speaking while performing on stage in L.A in 2016, he told the crowd: “Every time I see Stevie,” he said, “[he says] the same line: ‘Good to see you, Lionel!’ And I get nervous.”

Lionel Ritchie and Stevie Wonder
Lionel Ritchie and Stevie Wonder. Picture: Getty

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The audience laughed as Stevie joked back: “Better than saying, ‘Good to feel you!’”

But it seems that Stevie's car driving prank on Lionel Richie isn't the only time he's pulled such a stunt.

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The revelation follows another, this time made by TV show host Steve Harvey in 2018, when he spoke of a time the Grammy-winning singer played a joke on him involving his car.

Stevie's 20th Annual House Full of Toys Benefit Concert
Stevie's 20th Annual House Full of Toys Benefit Concert. Picture: Getty

In a behind the scenes clip from his series The Steve Harvey Show, the presenter tells the audience about the time Stevie Wonder pulled the prank when he was hosting a radio show.

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Stevie was due to come on air as Steve Harvey's guest, but the singer had not yet arrived at the studio.

“My bodyguard came up stars,” Harvey says. “He said, ‘Mr. Harvey, they’re trying to move some pipes downstairs. Your truck is in the way. Give me your keys.'

"So I gave him the keys. I ain’t think nothing of it," he says.

"I’m on the radio, I get a phone call. It’s Stevie Wonder.”

Stevie Wonder and Steve Harvey
Stevie Wonder and Steve Harvey. Picture: Getty

Harvey, who was all the way up on the 19th floor of his building, and asked Stevie where he was.

“[Stevie] said, ‘I’m here, man. I’m just pulling up.’

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"I said, 'but you can’t drive,'” Harvey recalls.

“He said, ‘Oh, yes, I can. Look out the window.’ [Stevie] was in my new truck with the windows down and it was moving real slow and he was waving!”