Robbie Williams new album: Release date, title, tracklist and all the details

18 July 2018, 17:18

Robbie Williams
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By Tom Eames

Robbie Williams has had quite the busy few months...

Not only did he open the 2018 World Cup with a medley of his biggest hits in Russia (and shocked everyone by sticking up his middle finger), but he's also joined the judging panel of The X Factor alongside wife Ayda Field.

Robbie is also tipped to release a brand new album this year, and here's all the latest details as and when we get them...

  1. Is Robbie Williams recording a new album?

    No official announcement has been made yet.

    However, Robbie's fellow X Factor judge Simon Cowell let something slip at the launch of the show in July.

    He told journalists: "The exciting thing again is Louis’s [Tomlinson] got new music coming out, Robbie’s got new music coming out. I think the buzz for me when I see someone sitting on the panel having hit records is again, it’s an amazing part of this job."

    While this isn't concrete, we reckon this means Robbie plans to release a new album during his stint on The X Factor in 2018. This is a tactic often used by singers who join talent shows as judges, as it gives them a perfect platform to debut their new music to a wider audience.

  2. When is the release date?

    Looking back at Robbie's past few albums, they usually come out in the latter half of the year. This is due to maximise the Christmas lead-up market.

    Now that he's joined The X Factor, it makes sense that he may perform the album's lead single during the live shows, which usually star in late October/early November.

  3. What was Robbie's last album?

    Robbie Williams released his 11th studio album The Heavy Entertainment Show in November 2016.

    He also released a second edition of his Under the Radar albums - a compilation of rarities and B-sides - in 2017.

  4. Who might feature on the album?

    Robbie and Aida
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    There's a chance that Robbie might team up with operatic soprano Aida Garifullina on a new song.

    The Russian singer joined Robbie during his World Cup performance in a duet of 'Angels' and 'Feel'. Garifullina later revealed that Robbie was keen to work with her.

    She told the Press Association: “[After the performance] I thanked him for this amazing journey and he said: ‘We should do something in the future together, we should do some songs together in the future.’”

    Robbie has also performed live with both Taylor Swift and Ed Sheeran in recent months, so you never know...

  5. What about Take That?

    Take That are currently working on a Greatest Hits album and tour, with the LP featuring reworked versions of their classic songs.

    It hasn't been confirmed whether Robbie will take part in either, their “commemorative big box set” could possibly feature new tracks that Robbie has collaborated on.

    A source told The Sun: “The Greatest Hits has been planned for a while, as has Robbie’s involvement. Usually, with a release such as this, fresh tracks accompany it to give it a push.”