Kane Brown says he's "pumped and nervous" for the birth of his first son

12 March 2024, 12:41

Kane Brown talks to Smooth Country
Kane Brown talks to Smooth Country. Picture: Smooth/Global

By Tom Eames

Kane Brown has opened up about being a dad in a new interview with Smooth Country.

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Kane Brown was back in the UK this week to headline this year's Country To Country Festival (C2C), and beforehand he dropped by to speak to Smooth Country's Eamonn Kelly.

The American singer is already a parent to two daughters with wife Katelyn, and his partner is currently pregnant with their third child, a baby boy.

When asked by Eamonn if he was "stoked" about having a boy, Kane replied: "I'm pumped and I'm nervous. I've always wanted a son, and then I was like, 'I'm good with my girls'. And they were like, 'Surprise!'.

"So I haven't got to be a little boy dad yet. Kate's nervous because she has no idea. So I was like, 'I'll change the diapers', because I know for me, having little girls, for me to change Kingsley's diaper for the first time, I was kind of nervous about it.

"I mean, now I'm a goat at changing diapers, of course. But, yeah, I told her I would get my son till she was comfortable."

Kane also spoke about performing in the UK, his friendship with former schoolmate Lauren Alaina (and bumping into her at Smooth Country HQ!), and his love for Phil Collins.

He sampled Phil's iconic song 'In the Air Tonight' for his hit song 'I Can Feel It', and told Eamonn how it came about.

"I'll tell you when I fell in love with the song, I was on tour with Jason Aldean and I was still a new artist, and that was his 'loud song', which, if you don't know what a 'loud song' is, it's a song that you play before you actually come on stage.

"And so I just remember being a new artist watching, and he had 'In the Air Tonight' by Phil Collins playing, and the lights went down. You saw these flashlights come up and everybody singing the song at the top of their lungs and just getting ready for the show.

Kane Brown - I Can Feel It (Official Music Video)

"And then the reason we did the song was because I was playing a Stagecoach, which is a big festival in the United States, and usually artists will bring out a big artist. So we were just throwing names out there, and then we were playing them over the speaker before I did my show.

"And I had writers in the room with me, and we were in Canada, and the next day, when I went into the room with them, they had kind of made a demo playing off of that, so we ended up writing to it, but after I got finished with it, it was like a full circle moment. Just thinking about Aldean and how excited I was whenever that song came on."