Keith Urban and Lainey Wilson team up for new song 'Go Home W U' after text message request

3 May 2024, 14:24

Keith Urban and Lainey Wilson team up
Keith Urban and Lainey Wilson team up. Picture: Keith Urban/Getty

By Tom Eames

Keith Urban and Lainey Wilson have joined forces for country's next big duet, and we're loving it.

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Keith Urban's new collaboration with Lainey Wilson on 'Go Home W U' is out today (May 3), and apparently it started with a text message over a year ago.

Keith asked Lainey to join him on a song, and sent her a demo back in April 2023. He has now shared the text with fans on social media.

Keith Urban - GO HOME W U (WITH LAINEY WILSON) (Official Audio)

"Hey ya Lainey," he wrote. "It's Keith (Urban) here. Hope you're good. Would you be game to sing on a song of mine if it suited ya?!"

"I've been sitting on one for a while that I think you'd dig... and I'd love to hear you on," he continued. "It's be on the chorus... and various bits and pieces... a chill bar singalong vibe."

Clearly, it didn't take long for Lainey to accept his offer, and she recorded her vocals for the track.

Keith Urban's text to Lainey Wilson
Keith Urban's text to Lainey Wilson. Picture: Keith Urban/Instagram

'Go Home W U' is a fun, bouncy track that captures the feeling of wanting to go home with someone at the end of the night. The lyrics feature both artists harmonizing about having a bit too much to drink and suggesting the idea of going home with the person they’ve had their eye on, all in the interest of avoiding driving themselves.

The song follows Keith's recent tracks 'Straight Line' and 'Messed Up as Me', and he's expected to release his next album later in 2024.

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