Luke Bryan totally owns the moment after he slips and falls on stage

22 April 2024, 12:34

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By Mayer Nissim

Luke Bryan is unfazed after falling on his bum in the middle of a concert.

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From Madonna's genuinely terrifying Brits tumble to U2's The Edge falling off the edge, there have been countless incidents of popstars taking a fall during a live show.

But few have dealt with losing their footing with as much grace as Luke Bryan, who stacked it during his set at the Coast City Country Festival in Vancouver yesterday (April 21).

In a widely-shared clip, Luke is seen adjusting his baseball cap before walking across the stage and coming totally a cropper.

Thankfully, Luke seemed pretty unharmed by the incident, as he appeared to channel the WWE's Undertaker by sitting up almost immediately and laughing off the whole thing.

As many musicians fell over the last couple of decades, the fall was caught on mobile phones by fans in attendance.

Luke even claimed that his fall was caused by a phone, as he got to his feet brandishing the device he fell on, or certainly at least near.

"Hold up," said Luke once he regained his composure. "Did anybody get that?"

He threw the offending device back to its owner quipping that "my lawyer will be calling" before borrowing another handset from another gig-goer who had filmed the whole thing.

Luke Bryan safely on his feet on stage in 2022
Luke Bryan safely on his feet on stage in 2022. Picture: Getty Images

"I gotta see it... let's zoom in, let's zoom in, zoom in" he said, watching the footage from the stage.

"Here we go... there it is!" he exclaimed, as the footage was simultaneously being shown on the big screens at the venue.

Luke then posed for the crowd with arms held aloft, totally owning the whole moment with a smile. "Hey, I need some viral, this is viral!"