Tim McGraw proudly reacts as daughter Audrey powerfully sings 'Stand By Your Man'

29 January 2024, 15:18

Tim McGraw watches daughter Audrey perform
Tim McGraw watches daughter Audrey perform. Picture: Instagram/Tim McGraw

By Tom Eames

Tim McGraw and Faith Hill's daughter has a bright future ahead of her in the music business.

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As the daughter of two of country's biggest-ever stars, it's always going to be hard to follow in their footsteps. However, judging from Audrey McGraw's voice, she's got a good chance of doing just that.

Tim McGraw has posted a video of himself reacting as he watches one of Audrey's recent videos, where she covered 'Stand By Your Man' by Tammy Wynette.

Tim is seen overawed as he watches the clip, beaming from ear to ear as Audrey hits impressive notes and plays the piano.

"Our baby girl, Audrey," Tim said on Instagram. "Gosh, she's so talented, man. I've said it a hundred times. All of our girls are so talented. They all sing great.

"Audrey is just so special. She's such an incredible writer as well. I mean, we get to hear this whenever she's home. She'll sit on the piano and we can hear this all through the house, and we can hear the stuff that she's writing. And I'm telling you, her voice and the things that she writes are just so mind-blowing and so deep and so special.

"She's a true artist. She's got a true artist's soul. And we're lucky enough that we get to hear this when she's at home and she sits around and play the piano. Faith. And I'll just sit there and just listen.

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"She doesn't know we're listening half the time. And sometimes we have to sneak around and watch her so she doesn't see us, because she'll stop sometimes.

"But my goodness, I'm proud. Gosh, these girls."

Tim and wife Faith Hill have three daughters - who all sing. Gracie, Maggie, and Audrey, all in their 20s, all have musical talent.

Gracie recently staged her first solo gigs in New York, Maggie has performed with her band Sister Supply, and model Audrey has posted several videos of her singing.