Elton John turned down an offer to be an X Factor judge

5 July 2018, 09:59

Elton John
Picture: Getty

By Tom Eames

The pop icon would have been arguably the most famous TV judge ever...

Simon Cowell is steadily building his new X Factor judging lineup, with Robbie Williams and wife Ayda Field expected to join him later this year.

With one slot still left to fill, he apparently tried to hire the services of Sir Elton John, but was declined.

Elton's husband David Furnish told The Sun: “There was talk about the possibility of a judging role for Elton.

“But he does 100 shows a year and he doesn’t have time for X Factor judging roles. We’re too busy with Elton’s tour, which is starting in September.”

Robbie Williams and Ayda Field
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However, David was happy with Robbie and Ayda's hiring on the show, saying: “I think it’s great for Rob and Ayda, but I’m a behind-the-camera person.

“I’ve got two beautiful boys at home, I take them to school every morning and I put them to bed every night.”

Elton John will kick off his enormous farewell tour later this year, which will see him travel the world for hundreds of dates.