Cliff Richard releases new version of Christmas classic 'Mistletoe and Wine' with Collabro

29 November 2021, 10:25

Cliff Richard on the state of chart music today

By Mayer Nissim

Get ready for a brand new version of Sir Cliff's Christmas anthem.

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Cliff Richard took 'Mistletoe and Wine' all the way to number one when he released his take on the song in 1988.

And he could be troubling the charts again this year with a completely re-recorded version of the track.

Sir Cliff has hooked up with Collabro for the new version, which is available to buy and stream now.

"I'm finding it hard to believe that it has been 33 years since I first released 'Mistletoe and Wine'," Sir Cliff said.

"I am really thrilled with this newly recorded version with the Collabro boys.

"I love their harmonies and it was a pleasure to sing with them, and if this new version gets everyone into the Christmas Spirit we will be very happy!!"

Mistletoe & Wine

Michael Auger Collabro added: "It really is a dream come true and probably the most surreal thing we have ever done.

"This song was first released before any of us were born so we have literally heard it every Christmas our whole lives."

He added: "Working with Sir Cliff has always been the most incredible experience and we really hope people enjoy this new version of the song."

It's not the first time Collabro have joined forces with Sir Cliff – the veteran singer invited the band on tour with him as his special guests back in 2017.

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The idea for the new collaboration came together while Collabro were recording their seasonal album Christmas Is Here, and Sir Cliff was working on his own Music... The Air That I Breathe record.

'Mistletoe and Wine' was written by Jeremy Paul, Leslie Stewart and Keith Strachan for the musical Scraps in 1976.

When it was adapted for TV in 1987, it was retitled The Little Match Girl after the Hans Christian Andersen story on which it was based.

Sir Cliff's version stayed at number one for four weeks, and became the biggest selling single of 1988.