Meghan Markle spotted her old teacher during her royal carriage ride

20 May 2018, 15:36

A sweet moment occurred during Prince Harry and Meghan Markle's royal carriage ride through Windsor.

Following her wedding to Prince Harry at Windsor Castle, she spotted a familiar face in the crowd.

Gigi Perreau, Meghan's former drama teacher and 1940s film star, was a guest of ITV as an exclusive contributor.

As the carriage came close to Gigi, she told colleagues she was unsure if the Duchess would recognize her.

But, she did! Watch the moment below:

The video shows Meghan spotting her old teacher and exclaiming "Oh my God," just as she made direct eye contact, before the carriage carried on.

Meghan had worked an actress for many years before meeting Prince Harry, appearing in films like Horrible Bosses and Remember Me as well as her her most notable role as Rachel Zane on US TV show Suits.