Paul McCartney dances with Taylor Swift fans at the superstar's latest London concert

24 June 2024, 11:21

It's confirmed: Paul McCartney is a 'Swiftie'.
It's confirmed: Paul McCartney is a 'Swiftie'. Picture: Getty/@1989healy/@camdenswiftt

By Thomas Edward

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Every celebrity under the sun was there.

When Taylor Swift came to London town over the weekend just gone, the entire city seemingly flocked to Wembley Stadium to see her.

Of course, she is one of - if not the - biggest pop music superstar in the world right now, so can understandably attract that sort of attention.

But the amount of star-studded guests from the entertainment world and beyond was eye-watering.

Even the most unlikely of icons have confirmed themselves as 'Swifties' after being spotted at the 'Shake It Off' singer's epic concert.

One particular pop legend who made his way to Wembley Stadium on the weekend was none other than Paul McCartney.

In fact, The Beatles' luminary was even video'd dancing away with fellow super fans.

Accompanied by his daughter Mary, Macca pulled shapes that most 82-year-olds would be envious of.

Clearly having a whale of a time, all of the super fans surrounding him couldn't believe they were dancing alongside one of The Beatles, to Taylor Swift.

Taylor's London concerts were remarkable in terms of the thousands upon thousands of pop music maniacs that came out in force to see her.

There were nearly as many celebrities in attendance too, with the likes of Tom Cruise, Hugh Grant, Salma Hayek, Stella McCartney, Barbie director Greta Gerwig, actors Ashton Kutcher and Mila Kunis, Jon Bon Jovi, and oddly enough even Peter Gabriel.

For her first concert on Friday night, there were some extra special guests with Prince William, Prince George and Princess Charlotte heading to Wembley.

Prince William - who celebrated his 42nd birthday on 21st June - seemed to be enjoying himself more than the average fan however.

Whilst Taylor was playing 'Shake It Off, the King-in-waiting was dancing like nobody was watching, shaking his thing to the amazement of fans below.

Swift posed for pictures with the royals after her concert that night, and posted them to her millions of Instagram followers soon after.

With her boyfriend Travis Kelce popping up in the photo, Taylor paid tribute to Will's recent birthday, writing in the caption: "Happy Bday M8!"

Taylor's Eras Tour is set to continue throughout the UK and Ireland into August, with shows in Dublin next week likely to be attended by a similar level of showbiz