Royal Wedding: Did we all miss the moment Kate Middleton gave Meghan Markle her bouquet?

16 August 2018, 16:33

Meghan Markle
Picture: Getty

By Tom Eames

The Royal Wedding may have been and gone for a few months now, but it turns out there was a pretty lovely moment we all missed at the time.

Royal fans have spotted how when Meghan Markle first arrived at the church, she wasn't actually holding a bouquet of flowers.

But then, she was all of a sudden:

Royal Wedding Meghan Markle
Picture: BBC

So, who handed Meghan her bouquet?

Royal detectives have theorised that it was actually the Duchess of Cambridge, based on the fact that the woman in the video below looks just like her (at 2 minutes 24 seconds in):

Beautiful Meghan Markle arrives in exquisite wedding dress - The Royal Wedding - BBC

Kate Middleton Royal Wedding
Picture: Getty

However, Kate was seen in her seat just a few moments later, so how did she manage to get there so fast?

It turns out that it was actually most likely Samantha Cohen, a former special advisor to the Queen, who has also been working as secretary to Meghan.

Samantha Cohen sitting behind Meghan Markle and the Queen
Samantha Cohen sitting behind Meghan Markle and the Queen. Picture: Getty

Well, either way, at least the video solves where the magical bouquet came from!