The Royal Wedding rules all Harry and Meghan's guests must follow

18 May 2018, 10:46

Harry and Meghan

All weddings have a certain level of etiquette that all guests should try to adhere to, but Royal Weddings are another level of pressure to not make a fool out of one's self.

With the eyes of the world pointed at Windsor Castle on Saturday (May 19), guests will need to follow strict rules to keep everything in order.

1. Don't go up to the Queen

We'd like to think nobody would be this foolhardy, but you always know that one person who has no qualms about chatting about Britain's Got Talent to anyone who'll listen.

Guests at the royal wedding cannot approach the Queen, and must instead wait for her to approach them. And if she does, you must curtsy. Obviously.

2. No open-toed shoes

It may be a hot Saturday afternoon for Harry and Meghan's wedding, but guests must apparently keep their toes away.

Closed shoes must be worn at all times!

3. Nude tights are a must

We doubt we'll see anyone making sure this rule is followed, but still.

Ladies must wear tights or stockings in a 'nude' colour, apparently.

4. No swords

Not your usual wedding rule, but these are the royals.

The dress code instructions are said to include "no medals" and "no swords". We're looking at you, Philip.

5. Don't leave before the Queen

Not only is the Queen the last member of the Royal Family to arrive at the church, she must also be the first to make a swift exit.

You also have to finish your dinner as soon as she's done, so let's hope she's not a quick eater like us!

6. No chatting to the press

This isn't a Hollywood movie premiere, darlings.

If you've attended the wedding itself, you're not allowed to immediately go and talk to the press collected outside. Details are kept secret by the Royal Family, and so everyone else must do the same.

7. No catching of the bride's bouquet

Don't expect the traditional bouquet toss tomorrow.

Royal brides have two bouquets, in case one gets lost after personal experience from the Queen, and they always leave a bouquet at the grave of an Unknown warrior in London’s Westminster Abbey, a tradition started by the Queen Mother.

As Meghan is marrying at Windsor Castle rather than Westminster Abbey, we're expecting the tradition will be kept in some way. 

8. No phones or selfies

Yes, we might live in 2018, but have some decorum, people.

Guests have apparently been asked to leave their phones at home, as they won’t be allowed inside the church. So, don't expect to see Posh and Becks posting selfies to Instagram with Sir Elton.

9. Constant hats

Beatrice and Eugenie hats

A hat is apparently compulsory for all guests at the wedding ceremony itself.

It doesn't necessarily matter what kind of hat, but as long as you do better than Eugenie and Beatrice last time.

10. Go to the toilet between 9am and 11am

Guests are advised to visit the loo before they arrive, as there will be limited facilities available.

Everyone hates you when you go to the toilet in the middle of a movie, so imagine the embarrassment levels here.

11. No gifts, please

Harry and Meghan have asked for charity donations instead of gifts for their wedding.

So, if anyone ignores this advice, they've been asked to not bring gifts to the day itself and send any presents to the family home later. Otherwise, you're stuck holding that toaster all day long.