Michael Bublé reveals he 'cried for 2 hours' after Croke Park comeback gig

16 January 2020, 10:30 | Updated: 31 January 2020, 10:30

Michael Bublé reveals he 'cried for 2 hours' after comeback gig
Michael Bublé reveals he 'cried for 2 hours' after comeback gig. Picture: Smooth Radio • Getty • Croke Park

By Rory O'Connor

Michael Bublé took a break from music and touring to look after his children when son Noah was diagnosed with cancer in 2016 – but when he recovered, Michael arrived at Dublin's Croke Park for a comeback gig on a monumental scale.

In July 2018, the 44-year-old Canadian singer made his long awaited return to the stage and put on a show to remember in front of 70,000 adoring fans.

Some were even invited on stage to dance with Michael for one of his hits, and he even tried his hand at some Hurling at the home of the GAA.

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Michael has now revealed just how much of an impact that comeback gig had on him.

Speaking exclusively to Smooth Radio, Michael said: “That was emotional. I think I cried for like two hours after.

“I was so emotional, man. I remember walking off the stage, and I was a mess. It meant a lot to me.

You can watch the entire 15-minute-long interview with Michael Bublé, here:

“It meant a lot to me, actually. It was one of those big moments in my life. I didn’t know if I would come back, or when, and what would happen.”

He added: “Man, that was pure joy. I loved every second of it. It was crazy. It was really emotional.”

Michael has just announced a new outdoor tour for 2020 that will see Michael perform at cricket grounds and at castles.

Michael continued: “That night, at Croke, and later at Hyde, I loved the experience of being outside. I thought it was awesome.”

Laughing about the thunderstorm that soaked Michael and the audience at Hyde Park, Michael said: “But there’s something magical about that.

“It’s like… you know, I think people like myself – I can’t speak for everybody. I want an experience, and I want to experience something that isn’t what everyone else is experiencing.

Michael Bublé speaking to Smooth Radio
Michael Bublé speaking to Smooth Radio. Picture: Smooth Radio

“I want to have something that’s special, and that’s mine, and that’s my memory.

“I think when you have those kind of shows, and they’re outdoor and loose, and everybody’s sitting down and having wine. It’s going to be so beautiful. It’s going to be a lot of fun.”

Michael wished to reiterate the tour had not come from a promotor, but was solely his own idea.

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He told Smooth Radio: “And this is my idea! I keep telling people this. This wasn’t some agent who said, ‘What if we…?’ This was me saying to them, ‘Can we do this?’

“It’s funny, I asked in America, and I said, in America, maybe we could go to baseball stadiums and go on the field and have 40,000 people – and they were sort of reticent about it. But here, they were like, ‘Yeah! Let’s go to these castles!’

“I think they had the luxury of having the space, and these beautiful, picturesque settings to have these concerts. Maybe in America, they didn’t feel a baseball field was as romantic. But I thought it was.”

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Michael will be returning to UK shores in 2020 for a string of big summer concerts which will see him visiting picturesque open-air venues across the UK.

He will kick off his tour in Bath on July 24, 2020, going on to play in Hatfield, Derby, Durham, Leeds, Exeter and Norfolk, among other places.

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It will be the first time he’s performed at any of these UK venues, which range from stately homes and castles to cricket grounds.

UK 2020 Tour Dates:

24th July - Royal Crescent Bath

25th July - Royal Crescent Bath

26th July - Hatfield House, Hatfield

28th July – Blickling Estate, Norwich

29th July – The Pattonair County Ground, Derby

31st July – Warwick Castle, Coventry

1st August – Emirate Riverside, Durham

2nd August – Harewood House, Leeds

4th August – Powderham Castle, Exeter

5th August – Cardiff Castle, Cardiff

7th August - The 1st Central County Ground, Hove