Michael Bublé gushes over his wife and three children in exclusive interview with Smooth Radio

31 December 2019, 23:33 | Updated: 25 October 2020, 23:51

By Rory O'Connor

Michael Bublé returned to the stage after a few years off while looking after his children, but now he has sat down for an interview with Smooth Radio and revealed he “couldn't be happier”.

The 44-year-old singer, married to actress and model Luisana Lopilato, has three children, six-year-old Noah, three-year-old Elias and one-year-old Vida.

Throughout his ‘An evening with Michael Bublé’ tour, Michael has brought his three children up on stage to join in with his ‘Nobody But Me’ hit.

Speaking exclusively to Rory O'Connor for Smooth Radio, Michael smiled: “They go crazy, yeah. That’s my favourite part.

“It’s funny, man – I never want to cross that line of ever exposing them to something that they haven’t asked for.”

Watch the full 15-minute-long interview with Michael Bublé, above.

Michael Bublé gushes over his wife and three children in exclusive interview with Smooth Radio
Michael Bublé gushes over his wife and three children in exclusive interview with Smooth Radio. Picture: Tracy Gardiner • Smooth Radio

Michael laughed: “It’s funny. I’d finish the show and get on the tour bus. My kids would be devastated. ‘Poppy, why didn’t you let me sing? I was ready to sing, poppy’.

“But I had to put the microphone down, and let them do their thing!”

Michael’s children also love to dance, with the singer inviting them up on stage for a boogie every now and then.

The 44-year-old gushed: “That’s my life. That’s the joy of my life, you know? I’m a better entertainer when they’re with me, too. Much better. I think I’m a happier guy. So I think that sort of shows on stage.”

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Michael went on to joke about how audiences sometimes mistake the actress in his music video for ‘Love You Anymore’, a song he collaborated on with Charlie Puth, for his wife.

However, his wife Luisana is not a fan of the video.

Michael laughed: “Yeah, it’s the truth. My wife’s response… because, as I said to you, I don’t know the results of anything. And I refuse to know.

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“So when they sent me the music video, I thought, ‘Well, you know what? I don’t even want to look at it. I was there. I shot it’.

“So I said to my wife at the dinner table, ‘Can you just look at it and tell me if I look OK, if there’s any shots that you think – whatever – that need to be changed?’

Michael Bublé and wife Luisana Lopilato
Michael Bublé and wife Luisana Lopilato. Picture: Getty

“She looked at it, and said, ‘There’s this woman in your video, Mike…’

“What she actually said was… she said, ‘She made you smile’. I said, ‘Yeah. Well, it’s a music video’. She said, ‘No, because I know your fake red carpet smile, and I know your real smile. And this was a real smile’.”

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Michael added: “She did love the video. But it’s just teasing. She’s just teasing. It’s not real. It’s the same thing when she has to do a love scene.

“I don’t love that she has to do a love scene. I get that it’s part of her craft. But of course, I give her hell for it, too.”

Michael Bublé - Love You Anymore [Official Music Video]

Michael Bublé speaking to Smooth Radio
Michael Bublé speaking to Smooth Radio. Picture: Smooth Radio

Michael Bublé gushes over his wife and kids, teases James Bond theme | Smooth Radio

Michael will be returning to UK shores in 2020 for a string of big summer concerts which will see him visiting picturesque open-air venues across the UK.

He will kick off his tour in Bath on July 24, 2020, going on to play in Hatfield, Derby, Durham, Leeds, Exeter and Norfolk, among other places.

It will be the first time he’s performed at any of these UK venues, which range from stately homes and castles to cricket grounds.

UK 2020 Tour Dates:

24th July - Royal Crescent Bath

25th July - Royal Crescent Bath

26th July - Hatfield House, Hatfield

28th July – Blickling Estate, Norwich

29th July – The Pattonair County Ground, Derby

31st July – Warwick Castle, Coventry

1st August – Emirate Riverside, Durham

2nd August – Harewood House, Leeds

4th August – Powderham Castle, Exeter

5th August – Cardiff Castle, Cardiff

7th August - The 1st Central County Ground, Hove