National Siblings Day: The top 20 greatest brother and sister groups ever

10 April 2019, 14:47 | Updated: 10 April 2019, 14:56

National Siblings Day
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By Tom Eames

It's National Siblings Day!

Apparently it's the one day of the year to truly celebrate brothers and sisters everywhere, so we're doing just that with this ranking list.

We've collected some of the greatest siblings in pop to mark the special occasion:

  1. Nicole and Natalie Appleton of All Saints

    Appleton sisters
    Appleton sisters. Picture: Getty

    All Saints became one of the biggest girlbands of all time in the late 1990s, and two of the foursome were sisters Nicole and Natalie Appleton.

    The sisters later formed their own duo, Appleton, which resulted in their one and only underrated album Everything's Eventual.

  2. The Nolans

    The Nolans
    The Nolans. Picture: Getty

    Anne, Denise, Maureen, Linda, Bernie and later Coleen Nolan were one of the most successful girl groups of all time, selling over 25 million records worldwide.

  3. The Proclaimers

    The Proclaimers
    The Proclaimers. Picture: Getty

    One of the few groups to sing in their natural thick Scottish accent, twins Charlie and Craig Reid scored several big hits in the '80s, including the classic '500 Miles'.

  4. Debbi and Vicki Peterson of The Bangles

    Debbi and Vicki
    Debbi and Vicki. Picture: Getty

    The Peterson sisters take up half of the legendary Bangles, with Debbi on drums and vocals, and Vicki on lead guitar and vocals.

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    The group are still together today, and are best known for their '80s classics 'Walk Like an Egyptian' and 'Eternal Flame'.

  5. Ali and Robin Campbell of UB40

    Ali and Robin Campbell
    Ali and Robin Campbell. Picture: Getty

    Ali and Robin Campbell were among the founding members of reggae giants UB40, scoring hit after hit from the '70s to the '90s.

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    However, Ali later quit the band and formed his own version of UB40, while the original now features Robin and their other brother Duncan. All a bit awkward!

    We'll always remember the good times, though... and that includes Ali and Robin's appearance on Pato Banton's 'Baby Come Back' in 1994.

  6. Martin and Gary Kemp of Spandau Ballet

    Gary and Martin Kemp
    Gary and Martin Kemp. Picture: Getty

    The Kemps were part of one of the biggest New Romantic groups of the '80s, and they went on to each have successful acting careers.

    Martin and Gary famously played the Kray twins in a big screen story of the gangsters' story, winning plaudits for their career change.

  7. Bros

    Bros. Picture: Getty

    Twins Matt and Luke Goss, along with original member Craig Logan, became the biggest boyband of the late 1980s.

    Despite an acrimonious breakup, the brothers secured an unexpected comeback in 2018, thanks to the release of a critically-acclaimed documentary about their return to live performing after decades apart.

  8. The Williams Brothers

    The Williams Brothers
    The Williams Brothers. Picture: Getty

    Andy Williams became such a huge star on his own, that it's easy to forget that he originally found fame as part of a group with his three older brothers.

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    Bob, Don, Dick and Andy Williams formed a singing quartet in the mid-1930s, managed by their father Jay. The four continued to perform together on and off until the 1990s.

  9. The Corrs

    The Corrs in 1995
    The Corrs in 1995. Picture: Getty

    The Corrs - What Can I Do [Official Video]

    The Corrs consists of the Corr siblings: Andrea (lead vocals, tin whistle, ukulele), Sharon (violin, keyboards, vocals), Caroline (drums, percussion, piano, bodhrán, vocals), and Jim (guitar, piano, keyboards, vocals).

    The Irish foursome were absolutely massive in the 1990s, scoring hits including 'Dreams', 'What Can I Do' and 'Breathless'.

  10. The Osmonds

    Osmond Brothers
    Osmond Brothers. Picture: Getty

    The Osmonds were THE boyband of the 1970s, and no doubt covered the walls of countless fans' rooms at the time.

    The Osmond Brothers began as a barbershop quartet consisting of brothers Alan, Wayne, Merrill and Jay, and were later joined by younger siblings Donny and Jimmy.

    Donny has also performed with sister Marie for many years, and continues to be hugely popular around the world.

  11. The Pointer Sisters

    The Pointer Sisters
    The Pointer Sisters. Picture: Getty

    One of the best soul and R&B groups of the '80s thanks to hits including 'Automatic' and 'Slow Hand', the group consisted of June, Bonnie, Anita and Ruth.

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    The group are still going to this day, though they now feature Ruth's daughter Issa and granddaughter Sadako. June passed away in 2006.

  12. Heart

    Ann & Nancy Wilson Of Heart
    Ann & Nancy Wilson Of Heart. Picture: Getty

    Ann and Nancy Wilson have been the beating thump of Heart since the band's formation in 1973.

    Known for their hits including 'Alone' and 'Barracuda', the duo have had ups and downs over the years, but have thankfully announced an upcoming reunion tour.

  13. Sparks

    Sparks. Picture: Getty

    When it comes to quirky and thought-provoking pop, Sparks are your guys.

    Ron and Russell Mael - best known for the hit 'This Town Ain't Big Enough for Both of Us' - have released an incredible 24 albums, and continue to impress and confuddle fans and critics alike.

  14. Sister Sledge

    Sister Sledge
    Sister Sledge. Picture: Getty

    As you can probably guess, Sister Sledge consisted of sisters Debbie, Joni, Kim and Kathy Sledge.

    They became one of the biggest disco acts of the late '70s and early '80s with hits including 'We Are Family' and 'Lost in Music'.

    Kathy and Joni sadly passed away in 2011 and 2017 respectively, but Debbie and Kim continue to perform together.

  15. Noel and Liam Gallagher of Oasis

    Gallagher brothers
    Gallagher brothers. Picture: Getty

    If you're talking sibling rivalry in pop and rock history, then Oasis clearly springs to mind.

    The Gallagher brothers became one of the biggest bands of all time thanks to their Britpop classics in the 1990s and 2000s, but they famously fell out by the end of the decade.

    Hardly speaking since then, fans are hoping for one of the most anticipated reunions of all time.

  16. Brian, Dennis, and Carl Wilson of The Beach Boys

    Beach Boys (Carl far left, Brian middle, Dennis far right)
    Beach Boys (Carl far left, Brian middle, Dennis far right). Picture: Getty

    Brothers Brian, Dennis and Carl formed the Beach Boys with cousin Mike Love and friend Al Jardine in 1961.

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    There may have been plenty of fallings out over the years, but the family connection of the group clearly translated into iconic music.

  17. The Everly Brothers

    The Everly Brothers
    The Everly Brothers. Picture: Getty

    You can't think of '50s music without The Everly Brothers. Their harmonising vocals and catchy tunes were a huge inspiration on the likes of The Beatles and Simon & Garfunkel.

    Despite falling out for many years, Don and Phil Everly enjoyed several comebacks until Phil's death in 2014.

  18. The Jacksons

    The Jacksons
    The Jacksons. Picture: Getty

    When it comes to pop families, you can't really beat The Jacksons.

    Originally The Jackson 5 consisting of Jackie, Tito, Jermaine, Marlon and Michael, they later became The Jacksons with the inclusion of Randy.

    The Jacksos have sold over 100 million records worldwide, making them one of the best-selling bands of all time.

  19. Carpenters

    Richard and Karen Carpenter
    Richard and Karen Carpenter. Picture: Getty

    On paper, a duo consisting of a brother and sister singing ballads shouldn't have worked, but Karen and Richard Carpenter were one of the greatest groups of the 1970s, if not all time.

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    With Richard providing much of the group's sound and production, alongside Karen's incredible vocals, their music will forever be timeless.

  20. Bee Gees

    The Bee Gees
    The Bee Gees. Picture: Getty

    Brothers Barry, Robin and Maurice Gibb were unconventional pop stars, but they took over the music landscape for several decades.

    From their 1960s folk origins, to their disco pomp of the '80s and beyond, the Gibbs were a force to be reckoned with, and also provided many huge hits for other artists.

    There was also Andy Gibb, their younger brother who had a successful pop career of his own.