This country cover of The Weeknd's 'Blinding Lights' is perfect

25 March 2024, 14:35

Tebey covers The Weeknd
Tebey covers The Weeknd. Picture: Tebey/The Weeknd

By Tom Eames

We didn't realise we needed a country version of The Weeknd's biggest song, but here we are.

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Canadian-American singer-songwriter Tebey has taken the music world by storm with his country rendition of The Weeknd’s hit song 'Blinding Lights'.

Known for his distinctive country sound, Tebey infuses this chart-topping track with a fresh twist, captivating listeners across genres.

Tebey’s version slows down the pulsating beats of the original, replacing them with a twang that resonates with country authenticity. What was once a club anthem now becomes a heartfelt country ballad, evoking new emotions and memories. The transformation is remarkable, showcasing Tebey’s versatility as an artist.

TEBEY Blinding Lights (Country Version) Lyric Video

The lyric video for 'Blinding Lights (Country Version)' was created by Conan Karpinski and has garnered millions of views on platforms like YouTube and TikTok.

Fans have praised Tebey’s soul-stirring vocals and the way he breathes new life into this modern classic.

Tebey in 2013
Tebey in 2013. Picture: Getty

On TikTok, the cover gained over 2 million views overnight after release, solidifying its place as a viral sensation. Tebey’s heartfelt performance struck a chord with listeners, transcending musical boundaries.