Lee Brice reveals ‘Hey World’ album plans and giving his songs to Garth Brooks as a ‘starving artist’

19 October 2020, 10:34 | Updated: 7 January 2021, 16:42

Lee Brice interview!

By Rory O'Connor

Lee Brice joined The Morning Show with Eamonn Kelly on Smooth Country for the first ever digital Country Music Week 2020.

The 41-year-old American country music singer revealed that while he started out writing songs for other artists, his intention was always to become the artist that performed them on stage,

Speaking exclusively to Smooth Country, Lee said: “I came to town to be an artist - to sing. And even before I lived here permanently, I had met Doug Johnson who ended up being a mentor, big brother… he ended up producing my first record.

“He’s a great writer. I knew and he knew. But, he also instilled in me, ‘We need to get you writing’. I mean, I’ve done nothing but write by myself since I was 10-years-old. And so he put me on a path of doing some co-writing and things.

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“And so I learned the art of that very quickly and dove in really heavy on it. And I just happened to have a few things happen with that before my artist career took off. I was already signed to a deal.

Watch Lee's full interview in the video above.

Lee Brice reveals ‘Hey World’ album plans and giving his songs to Garth Brooks in the early days as a ‘starving artist’
Lee Brice reveals ‘Hey World’ album plans and giving his songs to Garth Brooks in the early days as a ‘starving artist’. Picture: Getty

“So I always wanted to do that. And in fact, some of the songs, the biggest ones that other artists recorded, they were some of my most personal and things that I really wanted to put out myself.”

Lee went on to explain how, while he wanted to release his songs himself, he knew financially it would be a huge help to have other artists release them - with country superstar Garth Brooks phoning for a song.

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Lee continued to Smooth Country: “At the time, I was really, truly, a starving artist! And so to get a call from Garth Brooks and he wants to record your song ['More Than A Memory'] and he’s your hero and he wants to put it on the radio… I mean, duh!

Garth Brooks More than a memory

Lee Brice has written songs for several artists alongside his own releases
Lee Brice has written songs for several artists alongside his own releases. Picture: Getty

“So there’s no regrets in that, but I definitely wanted to record them. Now I write very specifically per record. I kind of know what I’ve got and know what I’m missing.

“Even today, I’ve got other songs that I’ve cut and recorded, but once I get past a point, like now, I’ve got a record coming out and I’ve got all those songs chosen and they’re now done and they’re out.

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“So I may go in and go, ‘You know what, I’ve got a bunch of great songs here, if somebody else wants to record this, I’m okay with that’.

Lee Brice - One of Them Girls (Official Music Video)

“There might be a few where I’m like, ‘Nah, I’m keeping that no matter what for my next record or whatever’ - but it’s an honour when someone else thinks your song is good enough or fits them for them to record it. It’s always an honour!”

Lee is set to release his new album Hey World on November 20, but the country artist explained how he has already started writing material for future albums.

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He added: “When my latest album was turned in, I was already on the path of a new record.

Lee Brice spoke exclusively to Smooth Country
Lee Brice spoke exclusively to Smooth Country. Picture: Getty

Lee Brice - Hey World (feat. Blessing Offor) Official Music Video

“Today, when I get off this interview with you, two of my best friends are coming in for a writing session with me. I’ve got a bunch of songs already piled up.

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“I’ve got two albums I want to kind of start working on. I’m always working on albums.

“My brain is always moving forward. The world’s about to get my new music. It’s going to be brand new to them, but it’s old news to me!”