Watch Zach Bryan deal with a massive spider crawling over him during a live show

25 June 2024, 11:09

Zach Bryan in concert on his Quittin Time tour in 2024
Zach Bryan in concert on his Quittin Time tour in 2024. Picture: Getty Images

By Mayer Nissim

Not so Incy Wincy Spider...

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Remembering all your words and chords, keeping your voice in tip-top shape, tackling any stage fright and connecting with your audience are usually the only things musicians have to really worry about on stage.

But country star Zach Bryan had a whole other world of concern during his live show at the weekend, when an absolutely enormous arachnid scuttled over his chest and arm while he performed.

During the show, poor Zach paused a moment and brushed the beastie off his arm.

"There was a spider on me, I'm really sorry guys," he apologised to the audience.

"So so sorry... dude it was climbing towards my neck so I had to get it!"

He brushed off both arms and his back (and we don't blame him) before restarting his song

"Guys a whole ass spider climbed on me during my set last night and I stopped mid set to swat it off of me and I was scared to make a big deal of it because NOBODY saw it but here it is in all her glory it was massive," he later said on X/Twitter.

The incident took place during Bryan's show at the Buckeye Country Superfest 2024 at the Ohio Stadium in Columbus, Ohio, part of his ongoing Quittin Time tour.