Twins reunion: Arnold Schwarzenegger and Danny DeVito join forces in Super Bowl ad

12 February 2024, 13:53

Like a Good Neighbaaa feat. Arnold Schwarzenegger & Danny DeVito

By Mayer Nissim

Triplets is no longer no the cards, but Arnie and Danny still find a chance to collaborate.

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While Beyoncé was busy breaking the internet for Verizon during the Super Bowl, some other stars also grabbed a bit of limelight for their high-profile adverts.

Last action hero and former Governor of California Arnold Schwarzenegger took the lead in a commercial for State Farm Insurance, which ended with a long-overdue reunion with one of his most beloved movie co-stars.

The commercial kicks off with Arnie rescuing a couple of pups from a fire, before his Austrian accent botches the States Farm Insurance tagline "Like a good neighbour" as "Like a good neighbaaaa".

There's a seeming nod to The Simpsons' Schwarzenegger-inspired action hero McBain as the ad-in-an-ad director tries (and fails) to coach Arnie to pronounce "neighbour" correctly before the makers decide on a last-minute rewrite.

In a reshoot of the opening scene, up pops Schwarzenegger's Twins and Junior buddy Danny DeVito, who saves the day by filling in the State Farm slogan.

Twins Official Trailer #1 - Danny DeVito Movie (1988) HD

As the duo watch the premiere of the ad on the big screen, Arnold leans over and calls Danny a "backstabber" (or should that be "backstabbaa"), prompting DeVito to once again correct him.

DeVito and Schwarzenegger starred as unlikely fraternal twins in Ivan Reitman's classic 1988 comedy Twins, with the director reuniting the odd couple for the 1994 film Junior, which also featured Emma Thompson.

A sequel to Twins named Triplets that would star Eddie Murphy as a third brother was in development for over a decade.

The film was formally announced by Universal way back in March 2012, with Reitman to co-produce the follow-up to his hit original.

Junior Official Trailer #1 - Danny DeVito Movie (1994) HD

After a delay in 2015, Arnie said in 2018 that the script had been completed and Eddie Murphy had formally signed on for the film.

In September 2021, it was announced that shooting would start that coming January, and that while Murphy had been replaced by Tracy Morgan, Ivan Reitman would be returning to direct the film.

Reitman sadly passed away in February 2022, and in May last year, Arnie confirmed that the project had been abandoned following the director's death.