Baby Driver soundtrack: All the classic songs heard in Edgar Wright's movie

12 May 2021, 16:19

Ansel Elgort in Baby Driver
Ansel Elgort in Baby Driver. Picture: Sony Pictures

By Tom Eames

Baby Driver was a cult hit when it was released in 2017, and now that it's on Netflix we're falling in love with Edgar Wright's action film all over again.

And let's be honest, one of the main reasons you're a fan of Baby Driver, has to be its stellar soundtrack of classic songs.

The film stars Ansel Elgort - soon to appear in the upcoming West Side Story remake - as Baby, a getaway driver who suffers from severe tinnitus. To help him, and his supreme driving talent, he uses music in his headphones to concentrate. Cue the tunes!

The film's soundtrack was so good, that they released two double albums!

Featuring the likes of Queen, The Beach Boys, Commodores and of course, Simon & Garfunkel, here is the full soundtrack details to make your perfect Baby Driver playlist:

  1. The John Spencer Blues Explosion - 'Bellbottoms'

    Heard when Buddy, Darling and Griff are robbing the bank.

  2. Bob & Earl - 'Harlem Shuffle'

    When Baby is walking down the street to get coffee and starts dancing.

  3. Kashmere Stage Band - 'Kashmere'

    When Baby meets the team for the second heist.

  4. Kid Koala - 'Was He Slow?'

    A mix that Baby composes after recording the opening heist. Also repeats in end credits.

  5. Dave Brubeck - 'Unsquare Dance'

    Baby listens to this when Doc is explaining the heist to Bats, Eddie and J.D.

  6. T Rex - 'Debora'

    When Baby and Debora are at the laundromat.

  7. Commodores - 'Easy'

    Baby listens to this Lionel Richie classic when he has taken the car with JD's body to be destroyed.

  8. Beck - 'Debra'

    Baby dances to this song at his house, after Debora mentioned it in the diner.

  9. Detroit Emeralds - Baby Let Me Take You (In My Arms)

    This can be heard when Baby and Debora are having dinner, and it then repeats when Doc and Baby talk about him joining the next heist.

  10. Incredible Bongo Band - 'Bongolia'

    Heard when Baby delivers a pizza for Goodfella's.

  11. Unloved - 'Cry Baby Cry'

    This can be heard when Baby and Debora are in the car after their date.

  12. Alexis Korner - 'Early in the Morning'

    Heard when Doc and Baby are planning the last heist.

  13. Queen - 'Brighton Rock'

    This Queen song is Baby's "killer track", featuring a guitar solo courtesy of Brian May.

  14. David McCallum - 'The Edge'

    Heard as Doc plans the final heist.

  15. Button Down Brass - 'Tequila'

    Heard just before the shootout when Bats asks for something funky.

  16. Blur - 'Intermission'

    Played when final heist takes place and Baby waits in the car for Bats, Darling and Buddy.

  17. Boards of Canada - 'Ready Let's Go'

    Played when Buddy and Bats confront Baby as he secretly leaves the warehouse.

  18. Sky Ferreira - 'Easy'

    A recording of Baby's mother in the cassette labeled 'Mom'.

  19. Jonathan Richman - 'Egyptian Reggae'

    Baby is listening to this when Griff is making fun of him at the start.

  20. Googie Rene - 'Smokey Joe's La La'

    Heard at Baby's apartment for the first time.

  21. The Beach Boys - 'Let's Go Away for Awhile'

    This Beach Boys song is heard when Baby spots Debora for the first time in the diner.

  22. Carla Thomas - 'B-A-B-Y'

    Baby buys this from the record shop and dances around to it in his flat.

  23. The Damned - 'Neat Neat Neat'

    Baby starts this song during the second heist with Bats, Eddie and JD.

  24. Martha Reeves and the Vandellas - 'Nowhere to Run'

    This Martha Reeves classic plays in the car during a chat between Baby, Buddy, Bats and Darling.

  25. Sam & Dave - 'When Something is Wrong with My Baby'

    Heard when Baby, Bats, Buddy and Darling walk into the diner.

  26. Brenda Holloway - 'Every Little Bit Hurts'

    Heard when Baby, Bats, Buddy and Darling are in the diner.

  27. Focus - 'Hocus Pocus'

    Played when Baby is running through the park and the mall.

  28. Golden Earring - 'Radar Love'

    This classic rock anthem plays in the car that Baby stole.

  29. Barry White - 'Never Never Gonna Give Ya Up'

    This Barry White favourite when Baby walks into Bo's to get Debora and Buddy is waiting.

  30. Young MC - 'Know How'

    Heard when Baby steals a car from a some thugs.

  31. The Foundations - 'Harlem Shuffle'

    Heard during Baby’s second coffee run, when he runs into the man on the sidewalk.

  32. Simon & Garfunkel - 'Baby Driver'

    This Simon & Garfunkel title track plays when Debora picks Baby up from the jail at the end of the movie.