Eurovision Song Contest 2023: Mae Muller to represent UK with 'I Wrote A Song'

9 March 2023, 09:58 | Updated: 17 March 2023, 13:19

By Mayer Nissim

London-based singer-songwriter Mae Muller has already appeared on a US top 40 hit.

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The UK's entrant in the 2023 Eurovision Song Contest will be... Mae Muller.

The singer-songwriter will perform 'I Wrote A Song' at this year's competition, which will take place in Liverpool.

'I Wrote A Song' was written by Mae together with Lewis Thompson and ex-Alisha's Attic star Karen Poole.

"GUYS!!! i cannot believe i’m even saying this… but i am this years uk entry for @Eurovision 2023 with my track i wrote a song!!! 🥲🥲🥲😭😭😭" said Mae on Twitter.


In a video message she added: "Guys, I have some news that I've been keeping secret for a very long time and it's been very difficult.

"But I can finally announce that I am this year's UK entry for Eurovision with my song 'I Wrote A Song'.

"It's out right now so go stream it, go listen to it go dance to it. And i just can't wait, i can't wait to see you all, I can't wait to get to Liverpool I'm very excited – what is life?!"

While last year's winner was Ukraine's 'Stefania' performed by Kalush Orchestra, the ongoing conflict following Russia's invasion meant that the 2023 competition is being hosted by the runners-up, the UK, in Liverpool.

Mae has been releasing musing since back in 2018, and scored an international hit in 2021 with 'Better Days' in collaboration with Neiked and Polo G.

The single went to number 23 on the Billboard Hot 100 and number 32 in the UK.