Prince Louis' Godparents have been revealed: who are they?

9 July 2018, 15:38

The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge with Prince Louis
The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge with Prince Louis. Picture: Getty

By Daniel Ross

Ahead of Prince Louis' christening later today, the identity of his six (SIX!) Godparents has been revealed by the Royal Family.

The ceremony, which will be presided over by The Archbishop of Canterbury at the chapel of St James' Palace later this afternoon (Monday), will see the following Godparents in attendance:

- Mr. Nicholas van Cutsem
- Mr. Guy Pelly
- Mr. Harry Aubrey-Fletcher
- The Lady Laura Meade
- Mrs. Robert Carter
- Miss Lucy Middleton

Nicholas Van Cutsem is a lifelong friend of Prince William from school, as well as the son of Prince Charles' best friend. Similarly, Guy Pelly is a longtime friend of Princes William and Harry, as well as a society figure and nightclub owner.

Harry Aubrey-Fletcher is also a friend of the Duke of Cambridge, while Lady Laura Meade is married to William's close friend James Meade, who also happens to be Princess Charlotte's godfather.

Hannah Gillingham is a close friend of the Duchess of Cambridge from their days at Marlborough College, and Lucy Middleton is the Duchess' cousin, with whom she spent a gap year in Florence after they both left school.