Tina Turner: Simply her 10 best songs ever, ranked

24 May 2023, 20:14 | Updated: 14 August 2023, 16:24

Tina Turner's greatest songs
Tina Turner's greatest songs. Picture: YouTube/Tina Turner

By Tom Eames

She was known as the Queen of Rock 'n Roll for a reason...

Tina Turner was one of the most successful singers of all time, thanks to her unique blend of R&B, soul, pop and rock music, with a career that has lasted for many decades.

Following the sad news of her death at the age of 83, here are just a handful of Tina Turner classics for a perfect playlist

  1. 'Nutbush City Limits'

    Tina Turner - Nutbush City Limits (Live)

    This is a semi-autobiographical song written by Tina about her rural hometown of Nutbush, Tennessee.

    It was released shortly before her separation from then-husband Ike Turner, and was the last hit single they produced together.

  2. 'Let's Stay Together'

    Tina Turner - Let's Stay Together (Promo via TOTP 1983)

    This cover of the Al Green classic was produced by the synthpop group Heaven 17, and gave Tina a much-needed comeback single in 1983.

    It became her biggest solo hit at the time, and was a slightly bigger hit than Al's original in the UK.

  3. 'Goldeneye'

    Tina Turner - Golden Eye (HD)

    This was the theme tune to the 1995 James Bond movie of the same name, starring Pierce Brosnan.

    The song was written specially for Tina by Bono and the Edge from U2, when they learned that she had been invited to sing the theme.

  4. 'River Deep - Mountain High'

    Tina Turner .... river deep, mountain high

    This is considered one of producer Phil Spector's best ever songs, thanks to his unique 'Wall of Sound' technique.

    Spector was aware of Ike Turner's controlling attitude in the studio, and he came up with an unusual contract, the album and single would be credited to 'Ike & Tina Turner', but Ike was paid $20,000 to stay away from the studio, with only Tina's vocals being used on the record.

  5. 'Proud Mary'

    Tina Turner - Proud Mary - Live Wembley (HD 1080p)

    Creedence Clearwater Revival first recorded this song in 1969, but it is arguably better known for Tina's cover versions.

    In 1970, she first covered with with her husband Ike, transforming it into a funk soul rocker.

    She later re-recorded it for the 1993 movie What's Love Got to do With It, and it has become one of her signature songs.

  6. I Don't Wanna Lose You

    Tina Turner - I Don't Wanna Lose You

    Tina Turner continued her '80s success with this gorgeous ballad, taken from her 1989 album Foreign Affair.

    A top ten hit in the UK, it was written by Albert Hammond and Graham Lyle, the latter of which also wrote 'What's Love Got to Do With It'.

  7. 'The Best'

    Tina Turner - The Best

    If you want a positive feel-good power anthem, look no further than this.

    Bonnie Tyler actually recorded the original version, but Tina scored the bigger hit with a cover a year later in 1989.

  8. 'Private Dancer'

    Tina Turner - Private Dancer

    This song was originally intended for Dire Straits' album Love over Gold. An instrumental track was recorded, but Mark Knopfler considered the lyrics too unsuitable for a male singer, so it was cut.

    It became a huge hit for Tina in 1984, with a music video that features a young Arlene Phillips.

  9. 'What's Love Got to Do with It'

    Tina Turner - What's Love Got To Do With It

    This song ended up becoming Tina's most successful song ever, and was taken from her 1984 album Private Dancer.

    It was later used in the 1993 film of the same name, based on Tina's life.

    Amazingly, it was first offered to Cliff Richard, who rejected it. It was also given around to Phyllis Hyman, Donna Summer and even Bucks Fizz. The Fizz even recorded a version but it was shelved as Tina got hers out first.

  10. We Don't Need Another Hero (Thunderdome)

    TINA TURNER ★ We Don't Need Another Hero (Thunderdome)【music video】

    Back when every movie wasn't worth making unless you had a hit single, the Mad Max sequel did one better by having Tina not only sing it, but star in it.

    The theme tune for Mad Max: Beyond Thunderdome was a big hit, and the power ballad was nominated for a Grammy and Golden Globe. Where was the Oscar??