The 13 greatest key changes in pop history

3 January 2020, 15:49 | Updated: 3 January 2020, 15:56

Key changes
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By Tom Eames

Key changes are given a hard time by music purists over the years, mainly thanks to X Factor winner's singles and the like.

But we reckon they are an underrated and powerful tool for any classic pop (or even rock) tune, and some of the finest songs ever have contained a cheeky key change or two.

Here are the absolute greatest key changes ever made, and the exact timings in all their glory:

  1. Pretty much every Westlife song

    Key change at: 3.15

    We could have gone for any Westlife banger ('You Raise Me Up' and 'What Makes a Man' are also great examples), but we've gone for this underrated number one from 2001.

    It's a paint-by-numbers Westlife power ballad, but that's what makes it so good. The song slows down a bit, bells start chiming, and then the boys get off their stools and go hell for leather.

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  2. Cliff Richard - 'Saviour's Day'

    Key change at: 2:34 / 2:53

    Christmas AND key changes. It doesn't get more festive than that.

    And TWO key changes at that.

  3. Mr Big - 'To Be With You'

    Key change at: 2:31

    It's a song that doesn't necessarily need a key change, but we're so glad it's there.

  4. The Beatles - 'Penny Lane'

    Key change at: 2:36

    Even the Fab Four couldn't help but try out a cheeky key change. And it's so subtle and short-lived that you might have missed it.

    But it totally completes the song and gives it a perfect ending.

    See also: 'Lucy in the Sky with Diamonds'

  5. Genesis - 'Invisible Touch'

    Key change at: 3:07

    Genesis and Phil Collins knew had to turn a great track into a worldwide hit that could fill stadiums.

    The simple key change towards the song's conclusion perfectly brings it all home and sticks in our heads all day long after.

  6. Backstreet Boys - 'I Want It That Way'

    Key change at: 2:32

    Essentially, you weren't a proper boyband if you didn't dabble in key changes in the 1990s.

    The BSB used it perfectly, coupling it with a powerhouse of a vocal on "I want to hear you saaaaaaayyyyyyyy!".

  7. Michael Jackson - 'Earth Song'

    Key change at: 3:45

    'Earth Song' is as epic as songs can be while still sounding like they fit on the radio.

    Yet, halfway through the power ballad, Michael decided that it needed to be EVEN BIGGER GOSHDARNIT.

    So, he turned it up a notch but throwing in a key change that totally completes the song.

  8. Whitney Houston - 'I Wanna Dance With Somebody'

    Key change at: 3:37

    Whitney is another legend when it comes to a good key change. See also: 'I Have Nothing'.

    But for sheer joy and wedding party fun, it has to go to this '80s favourite.

  9. Diana Ross - 'Chain Reaction'

    Key changes at: 2:30 / 2:59 / 3:13 / 3:28

    This pop classic is already so catchy, but it builds and builds before co-writers the Bee Gees join in the chorus.

    So not only can you hear Barry Gibb go full pelt on the falsetto vocals, but then there's the gorgeous key change. And then another one!

    Barry then throws a curveball with the final key changes, as he does it halfway through the sentence. It's hard to explain, but it's ace.

  10. Beyoncé - 'Love on Top'

    Key changes at: 1:44 / 2:04 / 2:25 / 2:45

    This might well win the prize for the most key changes in one song without it being too silly (somehow).

    Beyoncé must have leant on the key-change dial, as one kicks in after another as the song reaches its climax.

    Just when you think she can't possibly go any higher, she does.

  11. Michael Jackson - 'Man in the Mirror'

    Key change at: 2:53

    "Make that change", as Michael once said.

    And change it, he did. He stops everything, literally shouts "CHANGE!", and the song becomes a legend.

  12. Celine Dion - 'My Heart Will Go On'

    Key change at: 3:25

    A key change so good, a whole meme has been built around it.

    This power ballad made for Titanic needed an extra gut punch to make it even more emotional. How do you do that? KEY CHANGE.

  13. Bon Jovi - 'Livin' on a Prayer'

    Key change at: 3:24

    This rock classic already has one of the greatest choruses ever, and the only way to make it even more epic was to chuck in a key change.

    A key change that has made us lose our voices at countless karaoke and '80s cheese nights ever since.

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