Johnny Cash's granddaughter stars in the video for his new single 'Hello Out There'

1 July 2024, 15:58

Grace Carter Cash in the Johnny Cash video for 'Hello Out There'
Grace Carter Cash in the Johnny Cash video for 'Hello Out There'. Picture: YouTube/Johnny Cash

By Mayer Nissim

Johnny Cash's album of lost songs is out now.

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Johnny Cash enjoyed a remarkable career renaissance in the 1990s after his hook-up with producer Rick Rubin and launch of his American series of albums.

But the truth is that despite his commercial dips before that, Cash never lost his remarkable talent for either songwriting or performance.

Proof comes in the recent release of Songwriter, a collection of demo recordings made in the early 1990s.

To promote the album, a stunning video has been made for its opening song 'Hello Out There'.

The video features none other than Grace June Cash, daughter of John Carter Cash, making her the granddaughter of Johnny and June Carter Cash, who was born after they both sadly passed away.

Johnny Cash - Hello Out There (Official Music Video)

"I believe dad wrote it about the Voyager spaceship sometime around when it launched," said John about the song. "I remember him sitting in Cowboy Jack Clement’s office in the early ‘80s and singing it for him."

He added of the video: "It's a black and white video but right at the end of it you see you my daughter's beautiful blue eyes that are just the same as my mother's. I can't help but cry every time I watch it."

The video is directed by Matt Paskert and shows Grace going in a journey to the Cash Cabin, coming across her grandparents' belongings.

Johnny Cash
Johnny Cash. Picture: Alan Messer

"Directing the video for 'Hello Out There' and the visuals for Johnny Cash’s Songwriter album was an unexpected and profound honor," said Paskert.

"What truly set this project apart for me was our commitment to honoring the Cash legacy. We had the privilege of filming entirely on the Cash family’s property, starring Grace June Cash, who is a spitting image of her grandmother.

"The visuals are full of authenticity, showcasing many genuine Johnny Cash artifacts… from his personal Bible to original handwritten lyric sheets, and much much more."