Britain's Got Talent: Who is masked magician X? Identity finally revealed

2 June 2019, 21:22 | Updated: 3 June 2019, 17:09

By Tom Eames

Britain's Got Talent has already thrown up some shocks and surprises, but it was a masked magician known only as 'X' who was the biggest mystery this year.

Hosts Ant & Dec became the main focus on the mysterious act's routine in their first audition, when the mute magician brought them up on stage, before seemingly proving their "incredible bond".

But who is X?

  1. Who is 'X'?

    X used pre-recorded voices from various individuals to complete the act.

    Many viewers believed it was the same magician who was seen spooking Amanda Holden the previous week.

    The woman from The Haunting told the judges she would be back, and that the night was “not over”, but she did not reappear during last Saturday’s episode.

    Could 'X' be the same person?

    Well, in the live final, it was finally revealed that 'X' was actually Marc Spelman, who was Ant & Dec's Golden Buzzer in 2018.

    Marc Spelmann gets the first Golden Buzzer of 2018 | Auditions Week 1 | Britain’s Got Talent 2018

  2. Who is Marc Spelman?

    Marc Spelman
    Marc Spelman. Picture: ITV

    Marc Spelmann describes himself a ‘Mystery Artist’, and has been on the magic circuit for over 20 years.

    He first auditioned for Britain’s Got Talent, winning Ant & Dec's Golden Buzzer and reaching the live semi-finals.

    However, he did not make the grand final, and so decided to audition again under the mysterious 'X' moniker, something none of the judges or Ant & Dec knew about until the live final.

  3. How did 'X' perform their magic trick?

    Has X just proved PSYCHIC CONNECTION between Ant & Dec?! | Auditions | BGT 2019

    The white masked magician asked BGT hosts Ant McPartlin and Declan Donnelly to get involved in the act.

    Not only that, but they asked the TV presenters to break with tradition sit the "wrong way round", with Ant on Dec's left for once.

    X then asked the pair to close their eyes as he performed his trick. It involved tapping Ant on various parts of his body, before asking them both to raise their hand if they felt a touch.

    Not only did Dec raise his hand despite not being touched, but he could point to exactly where Ant was touched.

    Then, he asked the pair to randomly squiggle on a white card, which not only appeared to look exactly the same, but when turned upside down resembled the year '1989', the year X mentioned as the year in which Ant & Dec first met.

    Judge Simon Cowell said that the only way X could have pulled it off, was if they had genuine magic skills.

  4. Were Ant & Dec in on the act?

    The presenting duo appeared shocked to be asked to take part, before being seemingly surprised with the results.

    Could they have been in on the act from the start? Surely not!

    Simon Cowell asked at the time: “Boys, I want to ask you, both of you, honestly you knew nothing about that at all?”

    “Nah nothing,” Ant confirmed. “We don’t even speak backstage because he doesn’t speak,” Dec added.

    Asking who got touched, Ant said: “Who did get touched?” and the judges replied: “You.”

    “He didn’t touch you,” Alesha Dixon said to Dec, and he replied: “Well somebody did!” “No they didn’t” She responded back.

    Some viewers were not convinced by Ant & Dec’s denial about being involved, and took to Twitter to suggest theories. One said: “Do people really believe that magician act?! Load of old rubbish."

    Another added: “Dynamo did this trick years ago… I was half expecting the magician to take off his mask and reveal himself to be Dynamo.

    "Maybe I’m getting all old and sceptical but me thinks that was a publicity stunt! By the way I love Ant and Dec but a big of brain washing going on there?," said another.