Peter Kay's 'misheard lyrics' standup routine is still hilarious 8 years later - video

2 July 2018, 12:52

By Tom Eames

It's Peter Kay's 45th birthday! So to celebrate we're remembering one of our favourite moments in his glittering career...

One of the highlights from his record-breaking Tour That Didn't Tour Tour in 2010 and 2011 was his 'misheard lyrics' sketch.

In it, he has us in stitches recounting classic tunes which had lyrics he had no idea about.

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Favourites include Take That's 'wash your back' in 'Back for Good', Sister Sledge wanting to 'staple the vicar' in 'We Are Family' and Michael Jackson telling his lover their 'burgers are the best' in 'You Are Not Alone'.

Our personal highlight was thinking The Cars had a love for a certain meaty snack in the song 'Drive':

Peter Kay was scheduled to be on tour again this year, but he had to cancel due to "family circumstances".

His TV sitcom Car Share came to an end last month, with a finale that included a homage to Take That's 'Back for Good' video.