James Blunt's 'Monsters' music video about his ailing father is brilliant and incredibly emotional

13 June 2024, 12:36

James Blunt in the 'Monsters' video
James Blunt in the 'Monsters' video. Picture: EMI

By Tom Eames

James Blunt's most powerful music video for his single 'Monsters' is incredibly emotional.

In 2019, James shared the heartbreaking news that his father, Charles Blount, was battling stage four chronic kidney disease.

Shortly after, the singer released the video for his song 'Monsters', in which he comes to terms with his father's health.

"I'm not your son, you're not my father / We're just two grown men saying goodbye / No need to forgive, no need to forget / I know your mistakes and you know mine," he sings in the video, while he breaks down in tears.

"And while you're sleeping, I'll try to make you proud / So daddy, won't you just close your eyes? / Don't be afraid, it's my turn / To chase the monsters away".

Blunt's father then joins him at the end of the clip, while he holds his son's arm. Watch the video below:

James Blunt - Monsters [Official Video]

Writing about the song on social media, James explained: “'Monsters' is a eulogy to my father – except he’s still alive and kicking. But he’s not been well — his kidneys are functioning at just 11%.

“And with that realisation, I needed to tell him that, to me, he’s more than just a father. He’s my friend too, and that I love him.”

James later appeared on ITV's Good Morning Britain, in which he hoped for potential kidney donors to come through for his father.

"I've come on here to ask you what blood group you are," he said. "Some things have been going on in my life that I needed to write about. My father has not been very well actually.

"He needs a new kidney. And he's a kidney donor. And I've come on here to ask you what blood group you are. If you are an O-positive I'll take it off you."

'Monsters' was taken from his 2019 album Once Upon a Mind. He chose to donate all of the profit made from the song to Help for Heroes and British Legion charities.

James’ father Charles later underwent a kidney transplant in 2020, with James happily revealing his dad is now doing "well".