Mischievous David Bowie pranks Annie Lennox by calling live TV show to make song request - video

15 May 2019, 16:21 | Updated: 15 May 2019, 16:24

David Bowie prank called Annie Lennox on a live TV show in 2000
David Bowie prank called Annie Lennox on a live TV show in 2000. Picture: Getty

By Giorgina Hamilton

A hilarious video has emerged of a mischievous David Bowie calling in to a live TV show and request that Annie Lennox sings a song.

Annie Lennox was appearing with the Eurythmics to perform songs requested by viewers on live TV in 2000, when David Bowie called in to surprise the star.

Calling the public hotline for the Eurythmics Live By Request TV show, Bowie was put through to the live studio to say hello to Annie and bandmate David A Stewart - and it was wonderfully comical.

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"This is incredible," David Bowie begins.

"I just picked the first seven numbers I could think of and rang them - I had absolutely no idea it would be you guys at the other end," he says as surprised Eurythmic bandmates Annie Lennox and David A Stewart start laughing on camera.

Bowie continues: "I'd been working on a book for the last fifteen minutes and it was really rubbish, so I stopped typing and decided to call in."

David Stewart takes advantage of the unusual situation to get some feedback from a recent performance.

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"David did you see us doing 'Life On Mars' on New Years Eve?" he asks the 'Starman' singer.

"I was so chuffed about that,' a gracious Bowie replies: "Thank you very much indeed - it was very good!"

The Concert for Life - The Freddie Mercury Tribute
Annie Lennox and David Bowie performing at the 1992 The Concert for Life - The Freddie Mercury Tribute. Picture: Getty

David Stewart goes on to ask Bowie why he's calling, and the singer responds: "Well, i'm calling in for a request for a song."

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But before he did, Bowie wanted to reminisce: "You know the first time I sang with Annie was at the Freddie Mercury benefit in London," he says as Annie nods and smiles at the memory, before Bowie reveals he can't actually see them on TV.

"Can you see us?" David Stewart asks.

"Erm...I'd probably need a television set for that," Bowie responds as the audience laughs.

A nervous Annie Lennox takes the microphone, telling David: "It's very strange to have such a public telephone call."

"What are you wearing?" David jokes in a gruff voice, as Annie laughs and responds: "Wow, I didn't know you cared."

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Changing to a more serious note, Annie goes on to ask after his health.

"How are you feeling within yourself," she goes on to ask him: "the last time I saw you you were very tired - but amazing."

"Yeah," Bowie responds: "I caught that dreaded flu and it was tough working through that, I must say."

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"Are you better now," Annie asks: "Are you taking Echinachea?" she says, smiling.

"Yeah, I took that," he says: "and lots of Chinese pills and that seemed to get rid of it," adding mischievously: "So, I've just got 'the itch' now," as they all start laughing.

David Bowie - pictured with wife Iman - had a famously cheeky sense of humour
David Bowie - pictured with wife Iman - had a famously cheeky sense of humour. Picture: Getty

"Can I request a song please?" Bowie says.

"Yes you can," Annie responds into the microphone.

"Could I request please 'There Must Be An Angel," Bowie asks, the audience cheering at his song choice.

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"This is especially dedicated to you David Bowie," she finishes, smiling.

"Oh, you're a love!" he replies, as the video ends.

Annie Lennox and David Bowie performed together in 1992 at the Freddie Mercury tribute concert at Wembley, where they sang a duet of Queen's 'Under Pressure'.