Elton John and Charlie Puth team up for stunning new collaboration ‘After All’

23 September 2021, 08:43 | Updated: 23 September 2021, 08:55

Elton John and Charlie Puth have released a new single
Elton John and Charlie Puth have released a new single. Picture: Alamy/Getty Images/Instagram

By Naomi Bartram

Elton John has revealed his new duet with Charlie Puth, 'After All' which will appear on his Lockdown Sessions album.

Sir Elton John has collaborated with some huge artists in his time, including the likes of George Michael, Billy Joel and recently Dua Lipa.

And now the star has revealed his latest duet with none other than Charlie Puth, as the pair have released their first single together.

On Wednesday (Sept. 22), Elton, 73, and Charlie, 28, gave the first glimpse of After All, which is a slow ballad about true love.

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The song is produced by Puth, while the pair are both credited as songwriters, along with Jacob Kasher Hindlin.

After All

The track will appear on John‘s upcoming album called The Lockdown Sessions, which is due to be released on October 22.

In a statement, John explained: “With ‘After All’ Charlie and I were in the studio, just the two of us. He’s got a little home set up with his keyboards, synths, and Pro Tools.

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“I played electric piano and actually wrote the song all the way through and then Charlie wrote the lyrics pretty quickly. He’s incredibly quick, Charlie. We just had an amazing chemistry in the studio.”

Elton went on to call Charlie an 'amazing musician', and even said their families had grown close over the last year.

Elton John and Charlie Puth have teamed up for a new single
Elton John and Charlie Puth have teamed up for a new single. Picture: Instagram

He added: “He’s become a friend and a friend of the family. Our children love him and he loves them.”

Charlie also said he is honoured to have been able to work with his childhood hero, explaining: “As a songwriter, I have admired and looked up to Elton John my entire life. It is truly incredible how the melodies and chords seem to come to him instantly whenever he sits down at the piano.

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“I got to witness that firsthand when we wrote this song together. He is world-class and the true definition of a musical genius. Being a part of his musical journey is a dream come true.”

This comes after Puth previously spoke to Smooth Radio about his dreams of creating a song with John.

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The singer recalled a story of when Elton had phoned him up ahead of an interview, telling us: “I picked it up and he was like, 'Darling, it's Elton'.

"I'm like, 'Elton John?' and he was like, 'You bet! Are you ready to do this interview?' and I'm like 'Oh my gosh, I have an interview with Elton John right now, yes, I'm totally ready to do this interview'.

“And I just spoke to him about our mutual love for music and his process of songwriting. It was cut down a little bit in that interview but I mean he's prolific, he's unbelievable.”

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Elsewhere on Elton’s new album, he has guest appearances from Lil Nas X, Miley Cyrus and Years & Years.