Shania Twain reassures fans over her on-stage stumble at recent show

5 July 2023, 15:31

Shania Twain has allayed fans fears after her recent on-stage stumble.
Shania Twain has allayed fans fears after her recent on-stage stumble. Picture: Twitter/ShaniaTwain/user47399665/TikTok/Athena Grace

By Thomas Edward

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Her fans can breathe a huge sigh of relief.

Shania Twain gave her legions of fans a fright at a recent show after taking an on-stage stumble during her performance over the weekend.

The 'Queen of Country Pop' was wowing the crowd at Credit Union 1 Amphitheater in Tinley Park, Chicago on Saturday night when she took a tumble mid-song.

Perhaps ironically singing her 1997 mega-hit 'Don't Be Stupid (You Know I Love You)', Shania tripped and landed on her bum.

Everyone inside the 30,000-capacity stadium gasped in shock, before the country star recovered and continued on with her performance.

Although Shania went on to finish the rest of her concert, news of her stumble sent her adoring fans into overdrive worrying whether or not she'd injured herself and could continue with her current Queen Of Me Tour.

After the media swelled around the on-stage incident, Shania has taken to her social media to allay the fears of her fans directly.

Shania slipped at a recent concert...
Shania slipped at a recent concert... Picture: user47399665/TikTok/Athena Grace
But continued singing after she tumbled to her bum.
But continued singing after she tumbled to her bum. Picture: user47399665/TikTok/Athena Grace

Making light of her 'bum note' during her glitzy performance, Shania shared news of her fall on Twitter alongside the caption: "I did stick the landing though".

Her tweet also included a winking face emoji, indicating she's fine and is laughing directly at the media hysteria.

Shania's adoring fans have been quick to comment on her tweet, all of which expressed their relief that she was fine, and poking fun at herself.

One fan commented: "You were a strong trooper Shania! Thank you for the beautiful show last night. I was in the 12th row. I don’t usually sit up so close so it was really something. I’m glad you’re all right too! Thank you again."

Another fan simply said "Done perfectly Queen," whilst another tweeted: "You put on such a great show last night. So glad you’re alright after that little slip".

During the show, Shania yelped through the microphone: "Don't be stupid, Chicago! You know I love you!" Then she quickly got up from the platform floor and continued the song.

She seemed elated having sold out the venue for the first time since her 1998 tour in support of her ground-breaking album Come On Over.

The video of Shania taking a tumble on her bum emerged a couple of days after it happened at her Chicago concert.

Circulating via showbiz gossip website TMZ, the country queen can be seen stumbling over to the ground, but immediately jumps back up without losing her composure.

Even singing whilst falling to the floor, an eyewitness at the concert reportedly said Shania didn't even stop to gather herself at stumbling.

Ultimately it all seems like her on-stage accident has been blown out of proportion, but at least Shania can poke fun at herself. After all, it's bound to happen jumping around in those heels.