Why this Phil Collins live version of 'In the Air Tonight' is SO GOOD

11 November 2017, 06:00

Sometimes you can't help but step back and applaud a musician being completely amazing at their craft.

The other day, we listed the absolute greatest Phil Collins songs ever, and it reminded us of a particularly incredible performance of his.

During his 2003 jaunt Finally... The First Farewell Tour, Phil pulled out all the stops for his moody classic 'In the Air Tonight'.

Not only does he look like a badass in his dark attire, but it's the way in which he slowly walks around the stage, just as the iconic drum break is about to kick in.

You can't help but think 'how is he going to make it over to the drums in time?'. But he does, then all hell breaks loose.

Phil will be touring the UK later this month, find out about tickets right here.