Smooth Country interview: Chris Young teases new 'Famous Friends' double album soon

6 August 2021, 06:00

Exclusive: Chris Young teases new double album

By Tom Eames

Chris Young releases his long-awaited new album Famous Friends today (August 6), and he's already promising fans more.

The country favourite's new LP features collaborations with Lauren Alaina and Mitchell Tenpenny, plus the title track with Kane Brown.

The 'Famous Friends' single duet is already a big hit, reaching number two in the Hot Country chart in the States.

Speaking exclusively to Smooth Country's Eamonn Kelly, Chris teased that there may be more in the works, having previously told us that he was working on a number of projects.

Watch the full interview above.

"I will say this: no, there’s not a number of albums that are going to be released, but I’ve already got a bunch of stuff mixed and mastered outside of what they’re hearing on these 14 tracks," said Chris.

"So maybe down the road, we turn it into a double album. I don’t know. My thing right now is being able to get this out after, you know, how long it’s been. And people have been yelling at me about not having a new album out.

Chris Young interview: Country star teases new 'Famous Friends' double album soon
Chris Young interview: Country star teases new 'Famous Friends' double album soon. Picture: Smooth Country/RCA Nashville

"So this thing stands on its own. And I’m really, really proud of it. I’m always constantly writing more, and recording more, and looking forward. But for now, I do just want to live in the moment of finally having Famous Friends out there, and being this excited about it."

Speaking about the album as a whole, he explained: "These are friends. These are people that I’ve hung out with on a regular basis, even outside of music – just being able to kind of catch up, hang out, and have a good time.

Chris Young, Kane Brown - Famous Friends (Official Video)

"I feel that sometimes we overuse this word – but an organic process, making this album. It feels really honest, and it was really an easy thing to come together. Although it took a long time for me to make it from start to finish, it feels fantastic having it out there. And, you know, having friends to celebrate alongside."

Chris also promised his UK fans that he'll be back soon, saying: "As someone who’s been able to be lucky enough to go over, and tour multiple times already in the UK – the minute I’m allowed, I will be there to see you guys. So that’s not even a question for me."

Famous Friends by Chris Young is out now.