Neighbours: Remembering Kylie and Jason's iconic soap wedding and its incredible song

27 July 2022, 15:30

Scott and Charlene's iconic wedding remembered
Scott and Charlene's iconic wedding remembered. Picture: Fremantle Media/Shutterstock/Mushroom Records/PWL

By Tom Eames

In 1988, TV soap fans witnessed perhaps the greatest fictional wedding of all time, when Scott and Charlene (aka Jason and Kylie) tied the knot.

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With Neighbours sadly coming to an end after 37 years on air, fans are reminiscing about the Australian soap's most iconic moments.

With Kylie Minogue and Jason Donovan returning to Ramsay Street as soap power couple Scott and Charlene for its epic finale, we couldn't help but think back to the show's peak back in 1987.

Let's look back at one of the greatest moments of '80s TV, 35 years later.

  1. When did Scott and Charlene's wedding air and what happened?

    Scott and Charlene on their wedding day
    Scott and Charlene on their wedding day. Picture: Fremantle Media/Shutterstock

    Titled simply 'Episode 523', Scott and Charlene's wedding first aired on Network Ten on July 1, 1987.

    The episode was written by Ray Harding, directed by Rod Hardy, and executively produced by creator Reg Watson.

    The storyline was apparently created by the producers after some viewers were not happy with the idea of an unwed couple moving in together. Shock horror.

    Back then, UK viewers had to wait quite a long time to see new episodes. It didn't air on the BBC until November 8, 1988.

    The episode sees Scott (Jason Donovan) panicking about getting married, while his father Jim (Alan Dale), and best friend, Mike Young (Guy Pearce), set up tables for the reception.

    Meanwhile, Scott's fiancée, Charlene (Kylie Minogue), is getting ready. Her mother Madge (Anne Charleston), asks her brother Henry (Craig McLachlan) not to race up the altar.

    After guests take their seats, Scott begins to worry that Charlene won't show up, but Paul and Mike assure him that she will be there.

    Scott & Charlene: A Love Story | Neighbours

    Charlene and Henry then make their walk up the aisle. Scott and Charlene exchange vows and they are announced as man and wife. At the reception, Jim tells Scott that he is proud of him and welcomes Charlene to the family.

    After various mishaps (including one about a mouse, don't worry too much about it), all the guests gather in the street to wave the couple off on their honeymoon.

    Mrs Mangel catches Charlene's bouquet, as the couple drive out of Ramsay Street.


  2. How and where was it filmed?

    Kylie and Jason became massive stars
    Kylie and Jason became massive stars. Picture: Fremantle Media/Shutterstock

    The soap's producers asked Rod Hardy to direct the episode, as he had lots of experience of directing other TV weddings.

    The episode was shot "in great secrecy" three months before it was aired, and was initially delayed due to bad weather. Due to a small budget, there were very few extras on set, and crew were asked to stand in at the church instead.

    Kylie found the shoot "very tiring", as she had to walk up and down the aisle 20 times, and she felt constricted by the wedding gown. Jason later said: "I don't remember that particular day well, but when you do set ups like weddings it takes a long, long time to put things together."

    The wedding was filmed at The Holy Trinity Church in Doncaster, Australia. The scenes were shot in the old nave of the church.

    Hardy later said that "the magic of the episode" is captured best in two close-up shots of Scott and Charlene. The director said: "The image that stays with me is the close-up of Kylie as she arrives and then the close-up on Jason's face, and those two looks epitomised what the whole scene was about."

  3. Who designed Kylie's wedding dress?

    Kylie And Jason
    Kylie And Jason. Picture: Getty

    Charlene's romantic-style wedding dress was designed and made by Isis of Melbourne, a local bridal salon.

    The dress was made from ivory silk, organza and chantilly lace. The satin dress has a "slightly" dropped waist, with a cream silk overlay on the skirt. The bodice and skirt are both bordered in lace.

    The waist is "highlighted" with apricot chiffon, and apricot and pink rosettes. The dress has a high collar that is decorated with rhinestones, which also appear on the organza puffed sleeves. The dress is completed by a half-length veil.

    Speaking about the dress, fashion designer Alex Perry said: "There are so many things going on that it's hard not to remember it! The see-through sleeves with a hint of lace, the romantic era-style shoulders, the high neckline and hem."

  4. What is the song played at Scott and Charlene's wedding?

    Angry Anderson - Suddenly - Official Video

    Kylie Minogue was asked by the producers to choose a romantic song to be played during the episode, and she chose 'Suddenly' by Angry Anderson.

    Full name Gary Stephen Anderson, Angry is an Australian singer-songwriter, TV presenter and actor. He is also the lead singer of the band Rose Tattoo. In 1993, he was made a Member of the Order of Australia.

    He had written the song many years before it was used in the episode. He said that it is about a man coming to a certain point in his life when he realises that he does not mind being vulnerable.

    Kylie told Anderson that she loved the song, and how the lyrics meant something to her. She later said that she wanted the song played at her own wedding.

    After it was finally aired in the UK, 'Suddenly' reached number 3 on the Singles Chart.

    'Suddenly' is an '80s power ballad, and has a certain Phil Collins quality to it, complete with a drum break and key change.

    The song and wedding were later parodied to great effect in Gavin and Stacey, when the characters Nessa and Dave were getting married.

  5. How many people watched it?

    The episode was seen by two million viewers in Australia, making it one of the highest rating soap opera episodes.

    In the UK, the episode attracted a ridiculous audience of 19.6 million, making it the third most watched programme in the country that year.