When Michael Bublé was shocked by carpet fitter's incredible singing voice at concert

12 March 2021, 15:53 | Updated: 12 March 2021, 16:42

By Giorgina Ramazzotti

Michael Bublé was left shocked after encouraging a fan to sing at his concert and discovering he had an incredible singing voice.

Michael Bublé was given a run for his money in the singing stakes at on of his own concerts.

Justyn Skubovius, a 20-year-old carpet fitter from Winnipeg, sang one of Michael Bublé's favourite songs - 'I Did It My Way' by Frank Sinatra - in April 2019 and shocked the star with his incredible voice.

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Holding up a sign which read "I Want To Sing" Michael approached Justyn and handed him the microphone, only to be surprised by his incredible talent.

Justyn Skubovius sang with Michael Buble in Winnepeg
Justyn Skubovius sang with Michael Buble in Winnepeg. Picture: Justyn Skubovius / Getty

Michael then proceeded to sit on the side of the stage, allowing Justyn to become the centre of attention and singing along as the young performer sang his rendition of the Frank Sinatra song.

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Speaking to Global News Justyn said he knew he wanted to get tickets to see Michael Bublé in concert as soon as he heard the star's tour was coming to Winnipeg.

He bought floor tickets and asked advice from Michael's superfans' on how he could get an opportunity to sing with the star.

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“I asked them: ‘What do you guys think it would take to get me to sing with him?’ They said: ‘Oh, we know exactly what you need to do,’ so then they grabbed some poster board out of their bag and grabbed Sharpies and wrote ‘I want to sing’ on it,” Skubovius said.

The 20-year-old Winnipeg native says he normally just sings in church and at weddings, but doesn't sing as his day job.

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“I actually just work for a small business and do flooring installations — carpet and tile and that sort of thing. Not singing. I mean, if that opportunity is there, I’d love it, but you never know,” Justyn said.

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The star was in Winnipeg for the end of the second leg of his World Tour.

Michael Bublé will be coming to the UK on May 20 to play 22 dates - tickets to see Michael live on tour are available here.