Marti Pellow's greatest music videos: Wet Wet Wet singer breaks down his biggest hits

11 July 2024, 13:37

Marti Pellow's best music videos
Marti Pellow's best music videos. Picture: Global

By Tom Eames

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This time, we’re thrilled to have Marti Pellow taking us on a nostalgic journey through some of his biggest and best music videos.

Marti, the charismatic former frontman of Wet Wet Wet, has given us countless hits over the years, and now he’s here to share the stories behind those unforgettable videos.

From the epic cinematic brilliance of 'Love is All Around' to the love song favourite 'Goodnight Girl', Marti delves into the moments, memories and haircuts of the songs that made him famous.

Marti opens up about the band trying to emulate Duran Duran with their first video, heading off to Gambia for 'Sweet Little Mystery' and trying out his acting chops for 'Temptation'.

Marti Pellow: "I took over from Patrick Swayze – I grew up in Clydebank!"