Remembering Tom Jones and Stevie Wonder's amazing duets and medleys 20 years apart

2 January 2021, 16:52

Stevie Wonder and Tom Jones sing a medley of their hits in 1969
Stevie Wonder and Tom Jones sing a medley of their hits in 1969. Picture: YouTube / Tom Jones

By Sian Moore

Watch the special moments Stevie Wonder and Tom Jones performed together on TV, completely blowing audiences away.

In the handful of years that Tom Jones' variety TV show This Is Tom Jones aired on television, a host of famous actors, comedians and singers graced the stage.

One of the talented individuals invited to perform was legendary American singer-songwriter Stevie Wonder, who was just 19 years old at the time.

As the star joined the Welsh singer for a duet in front of the cameras, nobody knew what to expect. But as Wonder began to sing his 1966 single 'Place In The Sun', Jones' vocals seamlessly joined in.

What followed was four minutes of unmatched musical talent...

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Tom Jones & Stevie Wonder Medley - This is Tom Jones TV Show 1969

Together the pair complemented one another's exceptional vocals as they worked their way through a selection of their own hits in a glorious medley.

Wonder's songs 'Uptight (Everything's Alright)' and 'Nothing's Too Good For My Baby' followed his previous single, as well as Jones' iconic 'It's Not Unusual'.

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The chemistry the two stars shared on stage is palpable – even five decades after it was first shown on television screens across the country.

Wonder was a guest on the first season of the 'What's New Pussycat?' singer's popular show.

The programme went on to have two more series with a total of 65 episodes by the time it came to an end in 1971.

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Watch Stevie Wonder and Tom Jones perform a medley of their hits in the late sixties
Watch Stevie Wonder and Tom Jones perform a medley of their hits in the late sixties. Picture: Getty

Decades later in 1992, the two music legends wound up on stage together again on the TV show Tom Jones: The Right Time (watch below).

This time, the 'Superstition' singer was sat at a piano serenading Jones as he watched on.

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Yet again, the pair shared great natural chemistry as Stevie sang 'It's Not Unusual' to Tom.

As soon as he played the opening chords on the piano, Jones instantly recognised the song and couldn't help but laugh.

Stevie Wonder & Tom Jones Its not unusual

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Wonder gives him a cheeky smile as he sings a line from the tune, before breaking off as he struggles to suppress his laughter.

He carries on with his lighthearted rendition, briefly pausing mid song to warn Tom: "I might mess your words up."

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Jones couldn't help but grin as Wonder then seemed to forget the lyrics and had to mumble his way through the next line.

Stevie Wonder & Tom Jones

The pair also performed a stunning duet for the early nineties programme (watch above).

With Stevie on the piano, both singers effortlessly sang a rendition of Wonder's 1972 song 'Blame It On The Sun'.

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The New York Times described the series as a "whirlwind briefing on the history of pop music", and other guests had included Bob Geldof, Cyndi Lauper, and The Chieftains.

The episode which featured Stevie as a guest was the final show in the six-episode series.