Mick Jagger’s son Deveraux shows he’s got his dad’s dance moves in adorable video

4 July 2024, 14:08

"You want the moves like Jagger? Deveraux&squot;s certainly got them.
"You want the moves like Jagger? Deveraux's certainly got them. Picture: Getty/Melanie Hamrick Instagram

By Thomas Edward

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"You want the moves like Jagger? I got the moves like Jagger."

Soon enough however, everyone will be asking the same question when it comes to Jagger's moves: which one after you referring to?

Of course, The Rolling Stones' legendary frontman Mick Jagger has been renowned for his slinky hips over the decades.

In fact, his peacock-ish dance moves have very much become an institution in their own right.

Clearly his moves have influenced countless rockers over the years, even inspiring their own song in Maroon 5's 2010 song 'Moves Like Jagger'.

But his hip-shaking has evidently been passed down the generations, after his son Deveraux was filmed pulling his own moves.

Son of Mick Jagger shows off his moves

At a recent concert, Deveraux took inspiration from his old man, dancing in a flamboyant style which resembled his dad back in the day.

Busting some serious moves and even cracking out the air guitar, his mum Melanie Hamrick him on tape.

Sporting a fetching black bomber jacket and matching black trousers, Deveraux sang along to one of The Rolling Stones' tunes.

Shaking his blonde hair back and forth, he was clearly having a whale of a time.

Melanie uploaded the video to her Instagram stories, captioning the video saying "Living" with the emoji of two hands raised in the air.

Deveraux is Mick Jagger's youngest child, and his only offspring with his current wife, ballet dancer Melanie Hamrick. Thus far that is.

It's not the first time Deveraux has been caught showcasing his choreography.

Last May, mum Melanie filmed the youngest Jagger throwing himself up and down into the splits whilst dancing to his favourite band, Imagine Dragons.

You have to wonder what his dad would say about Deveraux loving another band more than The Rolling Stones, but he's no doubt as proud as Melanie.

In the video she uploaded to Instagram in May last year, she wrote in the caption alongside: "My wonderful, wild, sweet, beautiful Dev!! I am beyond blessed and thankful to be his Mama."