Watch a gobsmacked Bee Gees giggle their way through This Is Your Life episode

22 August 2022, 09:54 | Updated: 17 March 2023, 10:45

The Bee Gees were given the This Is Your Life treatment in 1991.
The Bee Gees were given the This Is Your Life treatment in 1991. Picture: Thames Television

By Thomas Curtis-Horsfall

In 1991, the Gibb brothers were still at the top of their game.

In fact, they were still riding high on their return to popularity having spent the past decade behind the scenes writing for other artists.

They'd just recently released their nineteenth studio album High Civilization which featured the hit single 'Secret Love', so would still chart heavyweights.

So you'd think it'd strange that the Bee Gees would be picked for a retrospective show like This Is Your Life, given they were still riding high.

But that's precisely what made Barry, Robin, and Maurice perfect candidates for the popular show that paid tribute to the incredible careers they'd had up until that point.

As we all know, if the guests were to find out that they were the subject of an episode of This Is Your Life, that episode would be cancelled.

And given the Gibb's responses, they hadn't a clue they were about to get Michael Aspel's red book treatment.

Barry, Robin, and Maurice were in fits of giggles throughout the episode.
Barry, Robin, and Maurice were in fits of giggles throughout the episode. Picture: Thames Television

Lined up in a recording studio for a phoney radio interview, the three brothers were prepped for a series of questions they'd probably heard before.

But then Michael Aspel bursts in, red book in hand, leaving them all completely gobsmacked in a priceless moment of television.

The trio then enter the television studio and are greeted by their loved ones, and the memorable faces they've encountered throughout the years that have helped them get to where they've got.

And even through the shock and surprise, you can tell they're truly humbled.

Especially when their beautiful families follow them through the 'This Is Your Life' archway, you'd forgive them for bursting into tears, especially when their parents come on stage having flown in especially from Nevada.

But it's nothing but sheer giggling from then onwards as they revisit the iconic moments that have littered their career.

Bee Gees - In the Show "This Is Your Life" 1991

As they cringe their way through revisiting the early days - their child singing trio, the 'Spicks and Specks' years in Australia - they're all beaming smiles and cracking jokes.

Who can blame them when they'd had charting hits in four decades to that point along with all the memories they've made.

With plenty of familiar faces making an appearance to congratulate them, there were even recorded moments from the likes of Kenny Rogers, Dionne Warwick, Diana Ross, Barbra Streisand, and even Michael Jackson, all of which were artists that the Gibb brothers had supported in some way.

Despite the laughter and silliness, there is an incredibly painful moment for the boys to face.

Only three years prior to their TIYL appearance, their youngest brother Andy had tragically passed away.

And you can tell the pain is still at the front of their minds as they play the track the Bee Gees' released in tribute to him.

What's especially sad is that Barry shakes his head in disbelief when Aspel mentions his death, knowing that he passed away far too soon.

But it's one sombre moment of reflection in amongst the many moments of joy that the brothers brought to the world.

And throughout the episode, we also get to relive their incredible career ourselves.