14 singers you totally forgot did Eurovision (or failed to get there)

12 May 2022, 14:57

Michael Ball, Celine Dion and Olivia Newton-John all did Eurovision in the past
Michael Ball, Celine Dion and Olivia Newton-John all did Eurovision in the past. Picture: Eurovision/BBC

By Tom Eames

Eurovision is almost upon us for another year, and it got us thinking about past competitions.

While it's easy to remember the likes of Bucks Fizz and Cliff Richard, there have been several stars who we totally forgot took part (with various levels of success).

Can you remember these lot?

  1. Celine Dion

    Eurovision Song Contest 1988 - Winner - Switzerland - Céline Dion - Ne Partez Pas Sans Moi

    Year: 1988 / Finished: Winner!

    Celine became such a successful pop star after her Eurovision appearance, that most people forgot this is how she got her first big break.

    Despite being French-Canadian, Celine represented Switzerland in 1988, and won the event with the tune 'Ne Partez Pas Sans Moi'.

  2. Samantha Womack

    United Kingdom 🇬🇧 - Eurovision 1991 - Samantha Janus - A message to your heart

    Year: 1991 / Finished: 10th

    Then still known as Samantha Janus, and before she found fame in TV shows such as Game On and EastEnders, Samantha started out as a singer.

    She was chosen to represent the UK in 1991, and finished in a decent 10th place with 'A Message To Your Heart'. It wasn't one of the classics.

  3. Kym Marsh

    Kym Marsh - Whisper To Me (Live At Making Your Mind Up 03.04.06)

    Year: 2006 / Finished: 4th in UK qualifying

    Kym had quit Hear'Say and was yet to become a soap favourite in Coronation Street, and so she attempted to reignite her singing career one last time at Eurovision.

    In the end, she finished in fourth place in the public vote with 'Whisper to Me'. Daz Sampson (somehow) won the vote with 'Teenage Life', also beating Blue's Antony Costa. What were we thinking?

  4. Michael Ball

    One step out of time - United Kingdom 1992 - Eurovision songs with live orchestra

    Year: 1992 / Finished: 2nd

    Remember when the UK used to send genuinely huge stars to Eurovision?

    Michael Ball came so close, finishing 2nd in 1992 with 'One Step Out of Time', losing out to Ireland's Linda Martin.

  5. Olivia Newton-John

    Long live love - United Kingdom 1974 - Eurovision songs with live orchestra

    Year: 1974 / Finished: 4th

    Just a few years before she became a worldwide superstar thanks to Grease, the UK sent Aussie star Olivia in 1974 with the song 'Long Live Love. However, it was also the year of ABBA's 'Waterloo'.

    But still, fourth is amazing for us nowadays. Maybe she could give it another go now that Australia are involved?

  6. Enya

    An Phairc

    Year: 1973 / Finished: DNQ

    Yes, Irish folk legend Enya almost took part in Eurovision.

    She was a member of former group Clannad back in 1973, but their song 'An Pháirc' wasn't chosen to represent Ireland.

  7. Lucia Moniz

    Lucia Moniz - O meu coração não tem cor (Eurovisão 1996)

    Year: 1996 / Finished: 6th

    Who, you ask? You'll know Lucia for playing Aurelia in Love Actually, Colin Firth's love interest.

    But a few years previously from her most famous movie came out, she represented Portugal with her song 'My Heart Has No Colour'.

  8. Julio Iglesias

    Julio Iglesias - Gwendolyne, Eurovision-1970, Color HD (Remastered)

    Year: 1970 / Finished: 4th

    Long before Enrique, there was his dad Julio, who was a huge international star in his own right.

    Before Julio was a household name, the Latin crooner sang his song 'Gwendolyne' for Spain in a dodgy turquoise number, finishing fourth place.

  9. John Miles

    John Miles - Where I Belong

    Year: 1990 / Finished: DNQ

    John Miles, the man behind the underrated 1976 track 'Music', tried out for Eurovision in 1990 with his song 'Where I Belong'.

    However, John only came second in A Song for Europe, with the public opting for Emma's 'Give a Little Love Back to the World'.

  10. Labi Siffre

    Solid Love (2006 Remaster)

    Year: 1978 / Finished: DNQ

    Best known for his gospel anthem 'Something Inside So Strong', before then Labi Siffre almost represented the UK at Eurovision.

    However, his song 'Solid Love' finished 5th in the public vote of 1978. Instead, we went for pop group Co-Co, which featured Cheryl Baker before she found more success with Bucks Fizz.

  11. Sinitta

    Sinitta - 'Imagination' (BBC Song For Europe 1984)

    Year: 1984: / Finished: DNQ

    Another not-quite entry was Simon Cowell's future muse, Sinitta.

    A year before she found success with 'So Macho', she came fourth in the public vote for the UK entry with her song 'Imagination'. Hazell Dean also took part that year, finishing seventh!

  12. Alvin Stardust


    Year: 1985 / Finished: DNQ

    Yes, we wish we lived in a world where glam rock legend Alvin Stardust went to Eurovision, but alas, it didn't quite happen.

    Alvin finished third in the public vote of 1985. Instead, we opted for Vikki with her song 'Love Is'.

    Missed. Opportunity.

  13. Katie Price

    Katie Price - Not Just Anybody (BBC Eurovision: Making Your Mind Up 2005)

    Year: 2005 / Finished: DNQ

    There was a time where Katie Price almost represented the UK at Eurovision. Katie finished second in the public vote to former almost-Girls Aloud member Javine.

    Also trying out that year were Eurovision icon Gina G, and former Hear'Say member Andy-Scott Lee.

  14. The Darkness' Justin Hawkins

    Hawkins & Brown They Don't Make 'Em Like They Used To

    Year: 2007 / Finished: DNQ

    In the year we chose Scooch to fly the flag for the UK, the public vote saw The Darkness frontman Justin Hawkins fail to reach the final with his tongue-in-cheek duet with Beverlei Brown.

    That year also saw attempts by Atomic Kitten's Liz McClarnon and East 17's Brian Harvey. In fact, all 3 'famous' entrants didn't even make it to the final round of voting, with Scooch beating French singer Cyndi to the coveted trophy. Wow.