Post Malone and Blake Shelton unveil party-filled video for new song 'Pour Me a Drink'

24 June 2024, 16:57

Posty and Blake
Posty and Blake. Picture: Post Malone

By Tom Eames

We've had all weekend to constantly play Post Malone's latest country tune, and we now have an awesome video to go with it.

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'Pour Me a Drink' is the second single from Post Malone’s upcoming country album, F-1 Trillion, following his star-studded duet with Morgan Wallen, 'I Had Some Help', which debuted in May and recently celebrated a fifth week at the top of the all-genre Billboard Hot 100 in the US.

The newly-released video captures the lively and carefree vibe of 'Pour Me a Drink', featuring Posty and Blake Shelton hosting what appears to be the ultimate tailgate party.

The video kicks off with Posty trying to buy a beer at a gas station, with Blake playing the role of the cashier. Blake then slides Posty’s coins back and directs him to a Bud Light-adorned portal, leading to an alcohol-fueled lakeside bash.

Post Malone eagerly follows, and the video concludes with cashier-Blake snapping Posty back to reality, returning us to the gas station and revealing it was all a dream.

Post Malone ft. Blake Shelton - Pour Me A Drink (Official Video)

Bud Light, Post Malone’s favourite beverage, is prominently featured throughout the video. The duo sings to the camera as it pans across the joyous summer celebration. Posty alternates between the white and blue home and away jerseys of his favourite NFL team, the Dallas Cowboys.

One particularly charming moment shows Post Malone singing, “I think I might’ve found my future love,” as Blake Shelton nudges him and points to a woman making eyes at him, adding, “Buddy, you should probably buy her one.”

The music video evokes the party-starting energy of 2010s country hits from artists like Florida Georgia Line, Luke Bryan, and Blake Shelton himself.

Post Malone’s new album, set to drop on August 16th, will explore a variety of eras and sub-genres within country music.

Posty has hinted at a range of tracks ahead of his debut country album, with some leaning towards a traditional George Strait-esque feel ('Never Love You Again') and others with a more pop-infused sound ('I Ain’t Got a Guy For That' with Luke Combs).