Lainey Wilson duets with Rolling Stones on country-inspired 'Dead Flowers'

2 July 2024, 10:39

The Rolling Stones and Lainey Wilson
The Rolling Stones and Lainey Wilson. Picture: Getty Images

By Mayer Nissim

The Rolling Stones enlist a proper country star for a proper country song.

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The Rolling Stones are widely acknowledged as The World's Greatest Rock and Roll Band, but they've also dabbled in some other genres with considerable success over the years.

There's the blues, of course, the funked-up disco of 'Miss You', and on more than one occasion a more-than-passable take on country.

One of their finest country moments came on 1971's classic Sticky Fingers album, with 'Dead Flowers' one of the highlights from an album packed with them.

The song has been in and out of the band's setlist over the years, and has returned for the Hackney Diamonds tour with a helping hand from some stars rooted in the genre.

Back when they played Orlando, the band featured Tyler Childers as a special guest singer, and at Soldiers Field in Chicago last night, they got support act Lainey Wilson on stage to lend her voice.

Lainey shared the moment with fans around the world on Instagram with a series of photos taken onstage and behind the scenes, as well as a couple of videos.

"I got to hang out with rockstars of all rockstars last night. @mickjagger @officialkeef @ronniewood @therollingstones - you are legendary, to say the least," said Lainey.

"What a treat, what an honour, what a night!! Wow. 🤯🤘🌸"

I got to hang out with rockstars of all rockstars last night. #therollingstones @TheRollingStones

She also shared a longer clip of the video performance on her YouTube channel.

Lainey captioned that video: "I got to hang out with rockstars of all rockstars last night...

"I got the call on Friday that Mick Jagger wanted to invite me to perform 'Dead Flowers' with me during their set 😭 🙏"

For their part, the Stones added their thanks to Lainey on their own social media accounts.

"Another incredible night in Chicago, thank you!" they said.

"And special thanks to @laineywilson for joining on Dead Flowers."