Take That "don’t know" where Jason Orange is but he's "welcome back any time"

24 November 2023, 12:36

When asked about a potential reunion, Take That said they "don&squot;t know" where the reclusive Jason Orange is or how to get hold of him.
When asked about a potential reunion, Take That said they "don't know" where the reclusive Jason Orange is or how to get hold of him. Picture: Getty

By Thomas Edward

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They've spent nearly a decade together as a trio.

Ever since Jason Orange left Take That in 2014, it's been left to Gary Barlow, Mark Owen and Howard Donald to steer the ship.

And it's not like they've been sailing away from success, given the legendary boyband still sell-out stadiums around the country.

They even headlined King Charles III's Coronation Concert at Windsor Castle in May 2023, their first live appearance since 2019.

The trio went on to headline BST Hyde Park later on in the summer, ahead of announcing their ninth studio album, This Life.

Since then, they've released three singles in 'Windows', 'Brand New Sun', and the title track, all of which were co-written by Barlow, Owen, and Donald together.

During the promotional campaign swelling up until the album's release today (24th November 2023) the three bandmates have been continually asked about a full-scale reunion.

Whilst they casually admitted that Robbie Williams could come back any time, when asked about bringing Jason back into the fold, Howard admitted that they "don't know where he is".

Jason Orange left Take That in 2014. (AP Photo/Joel Ryan)
Jason Orange left Take That in 2014. (AP Photo/Joel Ryan). Picture: Alamy

Whilst Take That are riding high as a trio, Howard revealed they wouldn't even know how to get hold of Jason to even invite him back in the first place.

Talking to The Sun newspaper, Howard revealed: "I don’t know where he is. He's difficult to get hold of, and I believe that's the way he wants it."

"When an album is coming out he'll send an email saying, 'I wish you all the success in the world'. And then the next day you try replying to it and it's a no-reply email address."

Obviously, there's no ill will between Jason and his former boyband, with Howard adding: "Wherever he is, I really hope he is happy."

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During the interview, Gary went on to add that the lack of communication would've been "easier" to come to terms with had Jason left acrimoniously.

Gary said: "It's a tricky one with Jay. I almost think if there had been a big argument it would be easier, but there wasn’t."

"He just wanted a change in his life. But he does keep an eye on us. And it's nice to know that."

Despite not hearing from Jason frequently, the 'Back For Good' pop legends confessed they'd be more than happy to welcome him back if he ever changed his mind.

"He'd done his time in Take That — although he's welcome back anytime," Howard added.

This Life is Take That's ninth studio album.
This Life is Take That's ninth studio album. Picture: EMI

With their ninth studio album, This Life, out in the world, Take That have no plans to stop just yet, despite forming in 1990.

Howard did tease that they may have to slow down the older they get, and adapt to the rigours of life on the road.

"This is my life and I don’t ever want it to stop. We will get to a point where the dance moves may stop, but we will always have an energy."

"Next year's tour will be amazing and different to previous ones. They’ve all been unique," he said.

"We are so proud of how far we've come and what we’ve achieved with this album. It's a new era and it almost makes me feel like we are just getting started."

Clearly there's plenty left in the tank for Take That, and the door remains wide open for a reunion with both Robbie Williams and Jason Orange.