The Masked Singer odds: Who are the most likely celebrities behind the masks?

21 January 2022, 13:23

The Masked Singer UK 2022 series 3 odds and guesses
The Masked Singer UK 2022 series 3 odds and guesses. Picture: Alamy/ITV

By Tom Eames

The Masked Singer is back on our screens, and after only a couple of episodes, we're already hooked to the bonkers ITV show.

The third series of TV's biggest guessing game has so far unmasked M People's Heather Small, TV legend Gloria Hunniford, pop star Will Young, and tennis player Pat Cash.

But who are the most likely candidates behind the remaining masks? Let's see the latest odds (via Betfair):

  1. Doughnuts

    Who is Doughnuts on The Masked Singer 2022?

    Latest odds:

    • Michael Owen: 1/4
    • Robbie Fowler: 5/1
    • Gary Lineker: 12/1
    • Alan Shearer: 20/1
    • Rio Ferdinand: 33/1
    Is Michael Owen Doughnuts?
    Is Michael Owen Doughnuts? Picture: Getty

    It seems pretty clear that Doughnuts is a footballer, and with his accent and lack of singing ability, we're pretty certain it's Michael Owen. But who knows?

  2. Rockhopper

    Who is Rockhopper on The Masked Singer 2022?

    Latest odds:

    Is Ashley Roberts Rockhopper?
    Is Ashley Roberts Rockhopper? Picture: Getty

    Quite how Spider-Man star Zendaya is that high up on the odds is beyond us, but imagine if it was!

    We reckon Pussycat Dolls star Ashley Roberts is a good shout, but the jury is very much out on this one.

  3. Traffic Cone

    Who is Traffic Cone on The Masked Singer 2022?

    Latest odds:

    Is Rick Astley Traffic Cone?
    Is Rick Astley Traffic Cone? Picture: Getty

    It would perhaps be too obvious, but we reckon Traffic Cone sounded most like Rick Astley in the first week, doing a downbeat version of his most famous song.

    Morten Harket did the same tactic last year, so not a bad idea!

    However, he's not in the running with the bookies yet, but we can't help but feel like he sounds most like a certain Aled Jones...

    Aled Jones
    Aled Jones. Picture: Getty
  4. Poodle

    Who is Poodle on The Masked Singer 2022?

    Latest odds:

    Is Rylan Clark Poodle?
    Is Rylan Clark Poodle? Picture: Getty

    Not an easy one this. While we'd love Adam Lambert to have given The Masked Singer a crack, we can't see it.

    We're going for Rylan right now. If you listen to past videos of him singing, it's a tad similar. Mika is also a very good bet.

  5. Panda

    Who is Panda on The Masked Singer 2022?

    Latest odds:

    Is Natalie Imbruglia Panda?
    Is Natalie Imbruglia Panda? Picture: Getty

    We can't hear anyone but Natalie Imbruglia for Panda, but we're happy to be proved wrong!

    Lulu is also a very good option...

  6. Mushroom

    Who is Mushroom on The Masked Singer 2022?

    Latest odds:

    • Aisling Bea: 11/10
    • Jane McDonald: 4/1
    • Charlotte Church: 6/1
    • Sarah Lancashire: 10/1
    • Catherine Tate: 12/1
    Is Jane McDonald Mushroom?
    Is Jane McDonald Mushroom? Picture: Getty

    While we can't not hear Su Pollard as soon as we thought of her, we reckon the most likely option from the above is cruise queen Jane McDonald.

  7. Robobunny

    Who is Robobunny on The Masked Singer 2022?

    Latest odds:

    • Mark Feehily: 4/6
    • Danny O'Donoghue: 5/2
    • Lee Ryan: 8/1
    • Ryan Reynolds: 12/1
    • Paddy McGuinness: 16/1
    Is Mark Feehily Robobunny?
    Is Mark Feehily Robobunny? Picture: Getty

    If you're a Westlife fan, you can't not hear Mark Feehily's incredible vocals when Robobunny really goes for it. But we shall see...

  8. Firework

    Who is Firework on The Masked Singer 2022?

    Latest odds:

    • Michelle Keegan: 6/4
    • Mel C: 5/2
    • Pixie Lott: 6/1
    • Kerry Katona: 10/1
    • Sinitta: 12/1
    Is Kerry Katona Firework?
    Is Kerry Katona Firework? Picture: Getty

    One of the toughest ones of the series is Firework. With little to go with, we're guessing former Atomic Kitten star Kerry Katona for the sparkly one.